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Re: Im sure you could find a more profitable way.

Postby Kataclysm on Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:22 pm

mystique wrote:If your providing an appreciated service you might aswell profit from it. If you gave a delivery address Id be happy to donate via mail(not via Pay Pal because Im only 13 and do not own a credit card. You could purchase a new server with all the donations. And honestly I think WB and MArvel should be sponsering you considering people like me only took such a great interest in X-men DVD's after seing the media on this website. Im sure given the popularity of this site you could find a way to enlist support from sponsors.

No cash donations are necessary, although I certainly appreciate the offer. 8) A couple of advertising possibilities were turned down in the past. At the time the site was only getting about a quarter of the hits it does now. Even with the increase in popularity the ad revenue almost certainly would fall quite a bit short of the expense, so I just kept Kataclysm's ad free. Kataclysm's will not disappear due to lack of funding.
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