Episode 1: Hindsight-Part 1 Dicussion Spoilers

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Episode 1: Hindsight-Part 1 Dicussion Spoilers

Postby doomed_soul89 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 3:59 pm

Mansion gets destroy Wolverine is one the road saves a little girl and ends up being hunted for the favor, nice world they live in anyways

I really like Jean's character in this series Unfortunately for me shes dead in the first 5 mins sigh, Kitty is her usually cocky self (the whole literally untouchable thing goes to her head) Beast is still smart and civilized but has completely lost his quotes, Rogue is well, really attached to Logan in this one and Logan is his usual badass self with a heart of gold I think this episode was pretty good quick before shot of the mansion before having wolverine fighting the military figures the girl he saved is the only one that isn't afraid of him (you have to wonder how many of these girls he saves that he ends up having sex with 10-15 years down the road) anyways all and all a pretty good start to the series
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