Episode 8: Time Bomb Discussion Spoilers

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Episode 8: Time Bomb Discussion Spoilers

Postby doomed_soul89 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:08 pm

So much for Domino's speech on not abandoning their own, I get that Toads kinda useless but just leaving him in jail just isn't right, I mean if they threw him on the street that would be one thing and Rogue really seems to be regretting her decision to join the brotherhood, and why didn't Rogue try taking some of the guys power to make him not explode sigh she isn't too bright in this evo, as for everything else I wonder what frost is up to, why did she lie about Forge not being there, at first I thought she just wanted to be on the mission but that doesn't really make any sense cuz she could have just talked her way on, oh well, and Beast saved Storm these guys have definitely been reading ultimate X-men but not much else it seems, seeing how the characters seem to be lacking a past... Kitty still hasn't gotten more then a few lines in one episode it's really really starting to annoy me especially considering she's like a vital part of every mission they have been on, I mean Bobby has gotten more lines then her, I guess the writers are just trying to avoid the whole teen girl thing, I mean she's always dating or crushing on someone in every teen version of her and so far the entire mansion seems to be lacking a social life or a life of any kind outside of their illegal activities to benefit mutant kind, but she is good at sneaking who knows who she's had stay overnight,
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