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2004 News


Riverside Raceway (9/21/04) - Fritz and Tate both started in the same Street Stock heat. Fritz finished 2nd and Tate in 3rd. Tate drew 4th starting position in the feature and Fritz drew 6th. An early crash moved Tate into second place. Eventually Tate fell to 3rd but gained a position late in the race after the 2nd place car broke. Fritz finished 4th.

Marlys raced for the first time this year, and did it in her old car. She finished 2nd in her Pure Stock heat. The left front tire went flat early in the feature which dropped Marlys from 4th to 6th during a yellow flag. She worked her way back to a 4th place finish.


Riverside Raceway (9/14/04) - Rainout.


Riverside Raceway (9/5/04) - Fritz finished 4th in his Street Stock heat. He started near the front of the feature but was booted back early and finished 7th.

Adventure Mountain Speedway (9/4/04) - Once again Fritz finished 2nd in the Street Stock feature at Greenland.


Riverside Raceway (8/31/04) - Fritz started his Street Stock heat on the outside front row and finished 4th. Tate started 3rd and finished 5th. Fritz lined up 3rd for the feature, but pulled out before the green flag dropped due to rain. Tate started 7th but couldn't finish the race due to a thrown fan belt. He finished 8th.


Riverside Raceway (8/24/04) - Rainout.


Adventure Mountain Speedway (8/20/04) - Fritz finished 2nd and 5th in his Street Stock heat races. The car was working well for the feature as Fritz finished 2nd.

Riverside Raceway (8/17/04) - Neither Fritz or Tate could make any headway in the Street Stock heat race. Tate finished 5th and Fritz 6th. Tate started on the pole of the feature but eventually slid back to the back and finished 7th. Fritz finished 5th.


Riverside Raceway (8/10/04) - Rainout.


Adventure Mountain Speedway (8/6/04) - Fritz had a decent night at Greenland, finishing 3rd in each of his heat races and 2nd in the Street Stock feature.

Riverside Raceway (8/3/04) - Tate drew "good" numbers for the heat and feature. Unfortunately several other drivers drew even better ones. Tate started 5th in his 9 car heat and finished 4th. Fritz started 7th and finished near the back with a flat left rear tire. Tate started in the 2nd row inside in the Street Stock feature but couldn't pass the polesitter would gradually took him to the back. Tate finished 7th. Fritz started near the back and worked his way up to 5th by the end of the race.


Adventure Mountain Speedway (7/30/04) - Fritz made his debut at the Greenland, MI track. Luck was not on his side in the draw for starting positions. Fritz started in the back of an eight car field for the heat and feature. Fritz couldn't make much headway in the heat race. In the feature he worked his way up to 2nd position by the last lap, but the race ended on a caution and scoring reverted to the last completed lap leaving him with a 3rd place finish.

Riverside Raceway (7/27/04) - Semi-retirement ended early as Fritz and Tate both raced for the first time this year. The Street Stock field was thin with only five cars total. Tate started on the pole of the heat race with Fritz lined up behind him. Tate lost the drag race down the front straightaway on the start and fell to second. He held off Fritz for the remainder of the race to finish 2nd with Fritz behind him in third. Fritz drew the pole position for the feature and Tate the outside pole. Tate took the lead going into corner three but was spun from behind. Fritz was able to hold off Tate on the restart. Fritz and Tate ran one and two for a few laps before Tate was muscled out of second place. Fritz lost the lead a few laps later and finished in 2nd. Tate was 4th.


Preseason (4/26/04) - I guess it had to happen sooner or later. For only the second time in 30 years Fritz, Marlys and Tate all plan to take the year off from racing. Whatever will we do with all of those free weekends... :)

2004 Wins
  Heat Feat # nights
Fritz 0 0 10
Tate 0 0 5
Marlys 0 0 1