Welcome to Self Possessed! This is a fansite dedicated to the very lonely Rogue. Her powers to absorb memories and mutant abilities after touching someone have cause her to feel different from everyone else. Rogue has been looked down upon to be just another mutant by the eyes of society.
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>> 2.27.04

It has been nearly a month since I've updated. This is the last and final update of Self Possessed. I have come to shut down Self Possessed, until there is official news on the XEVO's status. I don't want to shut down Self Possessed, but there are patterns of less frequent updates. I have also lost interest. Practically half the XEVO sites had shut down and Self Possessed will be joining the list. However Self Possessed will be up for everyone to see. There will be a point where I will shut it down completely and delete it. If you want anything like info, just ask me and I'll let you know what you can take. It was absolutely amazing through the entire journey. I had enjoyed working on Self Possessed, making new friends with common interests, and it has been great getting support from all loyal fans. You shall not be forgotten! Fare thee well. This is Jay signing out, once last time.

>> 1.31.04

X-Men Evolution has been CANCELLED!!!! Yes this is rather shocking to here but it was coming. I am sorry to say that the fate of Self Possessed is in question.

>> 1.19.04

I am sincerely sorry that I haven't updated in a while. School is finally catching up to me and wow it has been the longest since I've updated. I am looking for the site that has the XEVO transcript. Why? I am hoping to find the exact phrases to spoof the episodes better. The first one wasn't my best. Mutant X has won the award for Rogue's Site of X-cellence! I have uploaded the group pic that Andy created. I also created a new subtitle under the credits. Check it out.

By the way, I removed the poll because since its a large request. I will be starting the Graphic Service/WPR service soon. It will be called Evenstar Designs. I am such a LOTR's dork.

>> 1.3.03

Happy New Year! I had never made any resolutions and I won't plan on doing so in the near future. I have been working on Xavier's Angels. So far I finished that background of the Angels. I will be putting up a dumb storyline. I have finished one spoof script for the Other Script. It sounds pretty dumb and kiddish. I'll try to do a better spoof next time.

The decision for Season 5 is still yet to be annouced. It will most likely be annouced in later February and early March. So my advice, is to keep up with the news in Comics Continuum.

>> 12.30.03

I have another minor updates. I posted another site review. You're probably wondering why am I getting people to review Self Possessed. Well, I think Self Possessed needs more work and a professional opinion is needed. I am still new at this even though I've been working on Self Possessed for a year now. So check out the site review and if you want to send in a review, I'll be glad to post it up. Just follorw the rules I posted.

>> 12.29.03

Hi! I haven't posted any news from Comics Continuum of X-Men:Evolution. So I have found out that Cartoon Network will be airing X-Men: Evolution again in February from Monday - Thursday at 9 pm. Here is their schdeule:

"Fun and Games" on Monday, Feb. 2; "The Beast of Bayville" on Tuesday, Feb. 3; "Adrift" on Wednesday, Feb. 4; "On Angel's Wings" on Thursday, Feb. 5.

"African Storm" on Monday, Feb. 9; "Joyride" on Tuesday, Feb. 10; "Walk on the Wild Side" on Wednesday, Feb. 11; "Operation: Rebirth" on Thursday, Feb. 12.

"Mindbender" on Monday, Feb. 16; "Shadow Dance" on Tuesday, Feb. 17; "Retreat" on Wednesday, Feb. 18; "The Hex Factor" on Thursday, Feb. 19.

"Day of Reckoning, Pt. 1" on Monday, Feb. 23; "Day of Reckoning, Pt. 2" on Tuesday, Feb. 24; "Day of Recovery" on Wednesday, Feb. 25; "The Stuff of Heroes" on Thursday, Feb. 26.

>> 12.25.03

Wow! I am really happy I managed to get the new layout up on Christmas Day. What do you guys think? I took some advice by making the pages less cramped. So here are the new things you should all look out for. I have made a splash page which I need to placemy counter and other future things.

I had added two need sections known as Couple Matches and FanArt. I have replaced Jean Therapy, Stranded and the Maximoff Family interview with Xavier's Angels and The Other Script. Why? Well I just wasn't feeling the old Humor stuff. People have been demanding for some new humor. They will be up shortly, I promise.

Anyways Light My Fire has won the award called the Celestial Flame Award. Congrats! RogueFan has changed her hosts so you can check out her site under the Affiliates section. I have added a new links section called Brush Sites. All of brush sites I've went to are linkware and I finally got the chance to link all the ones I used. Some of them I couldn't find or either closed down. I have added a few more pages to the Credits. Enjoy!