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Cryptic Darkness.

Cryptic Darkness is a web shrine in dedication to the reclusive and evasive incarnation of Rogue who resides within the "X-Men: Evolution" television series. This character shrine is available for the purposes of analyzation, adoration, and empathy of which the bitter youth has so offered, and has been so since March 23, 2001. The webmistress welcomes you to look around and enjoy yourself. If in need of contact, please do so via e-mail.

August 25, 2005: This website is now static; as the "X-Men: Evolution" series has been discontinued, and as no new information concerning Rogue has appeared, Cryptic Darkness will reside untouched at this web address. Sincere thank-yous go to Kataclysm, who hosts this website at his domain. Please visit his handsome resource at the banner below. Thank you.

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All works created herein Emma in the respective years in which they were created. Absolutely none of these works should be reproduced or redistributed without expressed permission from the author. Any characters shown in these works Marvel, and Emma claims no ownership over the characters themselves. Meanwhile, great gratitude goes to Kataclysm for hosting Cryptic Darkness, among his kindness, patience, and selflessness while doing so.

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