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Cryptic Darkness.

Once Rogue, including the others around her, discovered her unpredictable powers, she was driven into a secluded, obscured world in which would seal out both those who had attempted to harm her and those whom she could harm herself. In turn, she had constrained herself to a state of being where she had to separate herself from others. With the options of bonding with another only to result in their unconsciousness, or relying upon solitude to prevent harm to others, initially the Rogue heavily relied upon withdrawl. She created a petulant, unapproachable exterior for herself, and forced away all evident traces of kindness to prevent an easy befriending. She attempted to turn herself away from those who presented interest in her, in which many moments she was left with victory. Composed of callous customs, a scowling demeanor, and an obstructive exterior to compliment all else, it was evident that she was not one to be recognized as engaging.

Scott: "Hey, you okay with this?"
Rogue: "I'm not afraid of you."
Scott: "I didn't say you should be."
Rogue: "Just tell your weirdo friends to keep their distance this time."

Yet, appearances have tendencies to deceive the truth. Though aloof, cold, and terribly disinclined to present a good disposition of any kind, she does retain a benevolent nature. The Rogue is sensitive, sentient, and terribly delicate of heart. Her initial reason for keeping to herself provides evidence of her concern and care for others, despite her lack of kindness in a blunt, direct display. Though she rarely permits her guard to lower itself, when it is absent her true identity comes to light. She is an intelligent, loyal, protective, compassionate young woman in the presence of those whom she holds respect for, and that is when her true self is exposed; only then does she not harbor a mask to bear for her audience. Though it is scarcely shown, the Rogue's kind disposition is authentic, tender, and undeniable.

Scott: "You risked so much to save her. What made you do it?"
Rogue: "It was nothing."
Scott: "Yes, it was. Tell me."
Rogue: "Me and Ms. Popularity there, we're worlds apart ... galaxies. But then I realized something."
Scott: "What?"
Rogue: "That she'd do the same thing for me."
Scott: "Believe it, Rogue. We all would."

However, having been compelled to bury her true character for such a time, the adjustment to her previous standards has had occasions to reappear. Though she is much more content and satisfied with her current position at the Xavier mansion, she remains deeply embittered by her experiences with previous relationships, unrequited love, and her tainted gifts. Thus, she remains prone to a heavy cynical behavior which often includes sarcasm, mild defense, unhappiness, and vulnerability.

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