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Cryptic Darkness.

A portion of Rogue's complicated personality is affiliated with her past, in which has lead her to feel so insecure.

Originally from an area located in Mississippi, Rogue's first introduction to her special abilities is blunt and frightening. Attending a dance that her present school had provided, she was invited to dance with another student known as Cody. After being pulled from the floor from a fall, the Rogue had met her first flesh-on-flesh experience with another, thus her mutant abilities manifested. Absorbing the memories, strengths, and abilities of the young boy, Rogue had become confused, disillusioned and disoriented; her memories were temporarily replaced with that of Cody, and a heavy sense of fright overwhelms her.

Irene was a woman who served as the Rogue's current guardian, and whom possessed the mutated abilities to view the future. She had discovered Rogue's awakening, and then proceeded to alert a dangerous comrade, Mystique. Mystique saw the powers within Rogue and had decided that she could put them into "proper" usage by maintaining them for evil purposes. Immediately Mystique revisited Mississippi and confronted Irene about the matter, only to have her most-dreaded fears confirmed that the X-Men had also discovered Rogue. They, too, had desired to recruit her, but for quite a different reason. After the X-Men arrived in the area, Mystique put her shape-shifting abilities to test: she morphed into various members of the X-Men in order to frighten the Rogue away from them. Hopefully, to Mystique, the Rogue would feel comfortable enough to join her Brotherhood of Mutants.

After discovering the real X-Men and fearing them for one of Mystique's morph-like figures, the Rogue had remained within a neutral state after being accepted into Bayville High. Though it was forced upon her to be either a member of the Brotherhood or the X-Men, the Rogue fled from both combating sides in a bewildered daze. Her affiliation with a group would be unconfirmed until she ventured onto a field trip with the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers.

Preceding to their meeting alone, the Rogue had persuaded him to a snowmobile race within their surroundings. Both bordering the brink of a cliff, the Rogue had attempted to knock Scott off of it, however her daring attempt was left to no avail. After being separated from their classmates, at a later time they had an open chance to discover more about one another. She had confirmed that she was no enemy of theirs, and yet she had easily declined his invitation to join up with them. Interrupted by another classmate, Paul, they pause their conversation to discover that their group had been looking for them. At once, Paul had morphed into Mystique, and both Rogue and Scott had been deceived. The powerful mutant then pushed Scott over the edge of a cliff, and turned to Rogue. Mystique explains to Rogue that she was only trying to protect her from Professor Xavier and the X-Men, yet she had fallen victim to Rogue's powers before she could speak more. Mystique's cruel revelations and truth were revealed within her memories, now having been conquered by Rogue. Taken aback at whatwas learned, she then discovered where her true affiliations belonged.

After rescuing Scott Summers and being saved in return, she then proceeded to team up with the X-Men, clearly removing herself from Mystique and her manipulations for that current time and ever. She now resides within the Xavier manor, attending Bayville High regularly as both a civilian and X-Man.

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