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The following is an episode guide for Rogue; is it composed of only the most important and most influencing episodes that relate to her character, development, and presence.

Rogue Recruit (episode three; November 18, 2000): Rogue is introduced in this episode, and much of it is greatly influenced by her embittered and distraught character. After her abilities manifest at a local school dance, Rogue flees from all human contact in a disressed and discomposed fright. While discovering her mutation, she remains victim of manipulation, and continues to rob others of their memories and abilities with accident. She then becomes torn at a crossroads of befriending the X-Men members and being recruited by the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystique.

Mutant Crush (episode four; November 25, 2000): Rogue has been accepted to Bayville High and becomes acquainted with Scott Summers. She provides it a difficult situation to trust and truly befriend the leader of the X-Men, as her power limits such a close contact. She reveals her desire to maintain friendship and closeness with others throughout her play rehearsal with him. Yet she feels more outcasted and displaced at his initial suspicions that she is involved with Jean Grey's kidnapping. However, Rogue gains his trust, as he does hers, as she places herself in danger to defend Jean from a member of the Brotherhood for him.

Middleverse (episode six; January 27, 2001): Rogue enters this episode once she gains suspision of Kurt Wagner troubling himself. Once he teleports himself to another dimension, Rogue is again suspected by the members of the X-Men that it is she whom has assisted in causing his absense. Though further hurt at their mistrust, she assists the X-Men in finding their comrade. Once the Brotherhood of Mutants involve themselves and a fight ensues, the Rogue maintains a prompt exit, as, "You've got your friends, I've got mine. But this ain't my fight. I'm outta here."

Turn of the Rogue (episode seven; February 3, 2001): As the title implies, this episode has much influence upon Rogue. Rogue is invited to replace that of Jean Grey on a school field trip, in which she does upon discovering that Scott Summers will also visit the mountains. As she feels a special admiration for him, he gains more of a respect and trust in her character. When the two are separated from their group, Rogue is invited to join the X-Men, yet she feels not so convinced that it is a proper opportunity for her. Yet Mystique, the leader of the Brotherhood, appears and displays her true nature; a heinous and cruel behavior. After much thought and action over the decision, Rogue not only accepts and becomes a member of the X-Men, but also becomes a close friend of Scott Summers in the process.

Shadowed Past (episode ten; March 31, 2001): A bond is cemented between both Kurt Wagner and Rogue as Rogue accompanies Kurt upon his attempts to discover his biological parents and find his true orgin. Rogue develops a sister-like relationship with him and maintains a concern for him as he ventures forth by himself. Nevertheless, the X-Men and she rescue him from his endeavors, and she assures him: "I really do know what you're going through. We'll both keep looking and we'll find our answers together someday."

Power Surge (episode fifteen; October 13, 2001): Rogue grows envious and jealous of Jean Grey, as the over-achiever becomes much more affectionate with Scott Summers. Furthermore, Jean's over-exaggerated kindness and politeness to Rogue do not aid matters much. Yet as Jean Grey's telepathic abilities mature and harm is promised, Rogue avoids their differences and steps in to assist her from the clutch of danger.

On Angel's Wings (episode twenty; December 15, 2001): As the members of the X-Men leave the Xavier Mansion to spend the Holidays with their families and guardians, Rogue and Scott Summers are left by themselves to visit New York to recruit a new mutant known as Warren Worthington, whom possesses the abilities to fly. As they attempt to recruit him, it is revealed that Magneto, a strong associate of the Brotherhood, is also desiring of the sky-bound mutant. Rogue accompanies Scott in the fight that begins, and she eventually absorbs Magneto's hovering abilities. Throughout the skies of New York, Rogue pursues him until rescued and returned by Warren. Although unable of persuading the new mutant to join up with them, Scott and Rogue are left to enjoy the holiday for themselves.

The Stuff of Heroes (episode thirty-two; September 21, 2002): Rogue attempts to retain a low profile, as the X-Men's identities have previously been revealed to hold that of mutant abilities. However, as Logan and she initiate a small purchase at a convenience store, they are discovered and dismiss themselves from the scene via a motorcycle. Before the very end of the episode, Rogue assists the X-Men in stopping one of Jauggernut's infamous rampages in a showdown by absorbing his abilities, only to reveal to her neighboring teammates of the location of the once missing Professor Xavier.

The Stuff of Villains (episode thirty-four; October 5, 2002): Rogue, intrigued by Remy "Gambit" LeBeau, decides to follow him. Kitty Pryde falls victim to her idea, and is forced to tag along. The two spend the episode hopping from car-to-car, courtesy of Kitty's phasing abilities, following Remy and his motives. In the end, they come upon the Brotherhood whom they later save, and return to the Xavier Institute to where they are spoken to in regard to the matter.

Self-Possessed (episode thirty-eight; November 16, 2002): Rogue begins to feel a distance between both herself and Scott; she feels a mild tension upon realizing that he and Jean Grey grow much closer with one another. Meanwhile, her abilities are also under a heavy metamorphasis; all of the individuals that she has ever touched and robbed are manifesting without control. She is invited to a concert by an associate, Mystique in disguise, and in a failed endeavor to relax, her mutant abilities become apparent as a flesh-on-flesh contact occurs. With the temporary ability to shapeshift, Rogue then proceeds to morph and transform into those whom she has touched, only to leave her departing from all human contact. Rogue, distressed and trembling while residing within her own form, discovers that Mystique had adopted her at an early age; Rogue desires to hear none of this and continues her unapologetic behavior in various individual forms, couresty of her uncontrollable powers. The X-Men arrive and Logan offers to cease her dangerous nature; his attempts succeed and Professor Xavier eventually removes her previous personalities, which leave her to recover in a weak, fragile and very delicate state in the X Mansion's infirmary.

Impact (episode forty-four; August 30, 2003): Rogue, especially upset at the antics and further deception of Mystique, bades good riddance to the now stone statue of her adoptive mother. Mystique's new location with the Brotherhood fails to anger her, however Kurt, deciding that Mystique deserves a home at the Xavier Institute, relocates her. Rogue develops fury. Soon recognizing that the statue can only return to flesh and blood only by means of her own powers, Rogue briefly reconsiders her actions. However, she soon dismisses positive thought and destroys the statue once and for all.

Cajun Spice (episode forty-nine; October 4, 2003): In a failed attempt to reconnect with Kurt, Rogue is kidnapped by Remy "Gambit" LeBeau and is gassed before capable of self-defense. She wakes later, and in contrast to his statement, she is bound and in his keeping. She fights him when freed. The duo find themselves in New Orleans, and as the X-Men attempt to collect Rogue, the two enjoy themselves at a Mardi Gras celebration. Yet Remy's associates enter and he reveals to her that he needs her assistance. She agrees, and the two endure journey to find his missing father. Rogue eventually touches him in accident, and discovers his true intentions. Lied to, she leaves. However discovering Remy in trouble, she returns to his aide. A chase ensuing, Rogue is rescued by Kurt. At the climax of the conflict, Rogue agrees to return to the X-Men, only to save Remy in the process. Rewarding her with the "Queen of Hearts" card, the duo part.

Ascension - Part II (episode fifty-two; October 30, 2003): As the X-Men challenge the feared and powerful Apocalypse, Rogue is recruited for a "special assignment." She absorbs the powers of a young mutant, Dorian, who possesses the ability to shut off powers of others. Hence, upon nearing Apocalypse, she ceases his DNA infusion of the world, in turn rendering his abilities inaccessible useless. Kurt, who returns to her thereafter, describes her last acts best: "You did it, Rogue. The girl who shut herself off from the world just saved it."

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