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Cryptic Darkness.

By the subtle retrieval of his red quartz shades, her obedience under his command and influence, and her physical aggression upon his defense offer evidence of Rogue's undying loyalties to Scott "Cyclops" Summers. Her limitless and passionate respect for the young man are developed and maintained for reasons that vary. However, the initial aspect that draws them especially close is their ability to gain affinity, connection, and understanding within one another.

The affinity that Rogue and Scott Summers share is initially derived from their advantages of holding much in common: they are both hesitant and uncertain about their unique abilities; the two exercise introverted tendencies; and they are both, essentially, very alone within the world. Yet Scott also maintains a gently confident, mellowed, and well-adjusted disposition, of which, although she herself does not retain, also encourages Rogue into their relationship as companions. Throughout their time together, Scott provides a genuine interest and concern for her, while Rogue shines for him through her constant aid and support.

However, the occasional stolen glances of him from afar, and her rampant fits of insane jealousy directed to those who are close with him communicate something else: Rogue endures not only companionship with Scott, but also a deep affection. This is not simply a mere attraction, but an incredible dependence. Having been absent of benevolence and positive attention prior to befriending the gentle youth, she is very much in need of someone to relieve her of her turmoil and damage; of someone to offer sincere relief to her injuries and personal toil. She gains this savior through him. He welcomes her with his tolerance and understanding; he is someone to listen to her, to offer her confidence, and provide the role of one who will not abandon her ("Forget it. I got hit." "No one gets left behind."). Since their first meeting together, Rogue often implies her attraction through physical dialogue, her mannerisms, and especially challenging him through verbal interaction: "The girls are right. You are a charmer."

However, though Scott often returns such comments ("You are like an angel [...]"), defends her name in conflict, protects her in battle when necessary, and provides her respect through the means of a simplistic however deep friendship, it is only this that he delivers: he sustains no feelings for her in return.

Due to the failure to return her emotional gestures, Rogue nurtures a wounded spirit. Such absence of fulfillment leave her in conditions of heavy bitterness, persistent spells of depression, and a hushed longing to be bathed in the affections that Scott provides for his desired, Jean Grey. Even as he attempts to ease her pain of other affairs with an empathetic behavior, what cannot be eased is the genuine ruin of her heart.

Although her trials of love and affection remain neglected -- whether through blunt naivete or the selection of another -- Rogue continues to display an honest and undivided kindness to Scott Summers. She remains viciously loyal and steadfastly devoted to him, remaining nurturing and attentive of his needs at an utmost constant. In turn, though he is sometimes prone to becoming gently irritated with her quiet romantic advances, he is left to return the courtesy bestowed upon him, and politely does so, whether through expressing his most inner thoughts to her, or catching her wound-struck form in his arms after battle. The two maintain a powerful bond and firm companionship that is truly unique and unparalleled to that of any other within the series.

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