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     Storm, Jean, Rogue, Shadowcat

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Welcome to the Women of X-Men: Evolution. This site is dedicated to all of the women from the TV series X-Men Evolution. Here you will find all you ever wanted to know about all your favorite X-Women from the series including Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, Mystique, and more! In addition to detailed character profiles, image galleries, and memorable quotes, you will also find stories and artwork created by fans of X-Men and X-Men Evolution, and other fun pages.

This site has been around for more than 10 years, and although the series has long since ended, Women of X-Men Evolution continues to stay online for fans old and new. Feel free to browse around and enjoy!

If you have any questions please check out my FAQs page or contact me by going to the Contact page.

If you are looking for other great X-Men or X-Men Evolution websites, please visit my sister site, Southern Shadow, a site dedicated to Rogue, or visit my awesome hosts, Kataclysm's X-Men Evolution page. More fansites are listed under the Links page.