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"Sometimes, Professor, I believe even your good mind blinds you from the truth." - Strategy X

"Well, your not quite the Kitty I was looking for, can you tell me where everyone's gone?"- The Cauldron pt.1

"Well, look what the cat dragged in."-The Cauldron pt.1

"I don't know why you have chosen to attack me, and in truth I don't much care, but this is my home, and you are not welcomed here!"- The Cauldron pt.1

"Yes, but no down poor can make people forget what they saw here."- Growing Pains

"I'm in your hands Evan." - African Storm

"You want my powers Hungan? Here's more than you can handle!"- African Storm

"Really Scott? Are you the future? Because if you are, I don't want any part of it."- The Cauldron pt.2

"That was life and death, this contest isn't. Seem X-Men atta' know the difference."- Survival of the Fittest.

"Hey you're also one of the X-Men. Don't worry we'll make it happen."- Middleverse

"Scott! What did you do that for!?"- Walk on the Wild Side

"You're being a, a guy!"- Walk on the Wild Side

"I'm tired of being treated like the weaker sex."- Walk on the Wild Side

"Yeah, I'm sure the owner will be real grateful."- Walk on the Wild Side

"What a bout... where are the students?"- Day of Reckoning pt.2

"My power is your power and I can take more than one!" - Mutant Crush

"Naw, your just garbage that wanted a date, and I'm taking you out!" - Mutant Crush

"Can't say I much want your slimy thoughts in my head, Toad, but I'm droppin' you right here."- The Cauldron pt.1

"Test your metal tough guy?"- Turn of the Rogue

"No trophies for second place."- Turn of the Rogue

"Let's just say, I'm full of surprises."- Turn of the Rogue

"Some friendly advice teach... Don't mess with the Rogue!"- Turn of the Rogue

"Rock and Role this creep!"- A Shadowed Past

"Ah man. We're busted big time."- Growing Pains

"I'm tellin' ya, the woman's seriously startin' to lose it."- African Storm

"Come on, lets do something fun while we are here."- On Angel's Wings

"Well at least we know Magneto's back in business."- On Angel's Wings

"I think you really are an Angel."- On Angel's Wings

Whoopie. A team of two."- Operation: Rebirth

"I wish I could have found a better place to change."- Walk on the Wild Side

"Okay but you better not like lay me out."- Spykecam

"Oh I can't go remember? I'm like a Freshman."- Middleverse

"Lousy ride loser!"- Middleverse

"Oh look it's the walking richter scale. Shouldn't you be erupting somewhere?"- Growing Pains

"My hero."- Joyride

"Welcome to Mutant Manor. Breakfast is at seven."- Joyride

"Have you told him yet professor?"- Retreat

"If I where you, I'd start running."- Retreat

"This'll be the first time I didn't by a pair of shoes."- HeX Factor

"This is so sweet! Thank you!"- On Angel's Wings

"If this fails, it's not my fault, I told you I wasn't ready for this."- Walk on the Wild Side

"Then the session was a failure."- Walk on the Wild Side

"Tabitha, slow down; I feel like a pit bull!"- Walk on the Wild Side

"Okay, I can do this!"- Day of Reckoning pt.2

"No good, the elevator's jammed."- Day of Reckoning pt.2

"What do we do Scott?"- Day of Reckoning pt.2

"Sorry Jamie, were just more experienced at this stuff."- Mindbender

"I'm new at this, but isn't that a bad thing?"- Joyride

"I've got it covered!"- Joyride

"[to Logan] And your motorcycle [Logan: My motorcycle?] Just kidding."- Joyride

"Whoo hooo! Boom Boom to the rescue!"- Bada Bing-Bada Boom

Nighcrawler huh? It's just not working. How about Wild Blue Yonder Boy?"- Bada Bing-Badda Boom

"Hay Badger, tug us up."- Bada Bing-Badda Boom

"I'm sorry, blue. It's just not a good fit right now."- Bada Bing-Bada Boom

"Amara! Cool we have first period together!"- Walk on the Wild Side

"You mean Jean, yes that my real color?"- Walk on the Wild Side

"Relax, no one will believe that tollbooth guy."- Walk on the Wild Side

"All right, time for a little Bada Bing Badda Boom!"- Day of Reckoning pt.2

"It looks fine teh way it tis Roberto!"- Retreat

"I smell over achiever issues!"- Retreat

"I think I can."- Retreat

"I think so, he's just over that hill."- Retreat

"Mr McCoy!"- Retreat

"Hello Scott. Are you more surprised to see me? [turns into her true form] or me?" - Turn of the Rogue

"You X-Men are nothing but puppets for Charles Xavier." - Turn of the Rogue

"You lumbering Imbecile! What did you do? Sit on Cerebro? You smashed it!"- Survival of the Fittest

"I'll make this quick wind rider. I shouldn't even have to prove myself to him."- Cauldron pt. 1

"She's out. Can I take a message?"- Cauldron pt.2

"I know the man, so I'm in charge."- Cauldron pt.2

"Oh all right fine! But I expect to be consulted."- Cauldron pt. 2

"Knock knock." - Cauldron pt.2

"Yes I did do it, and things are about to get much worse."- Day of Reckoning part 2

"Your father, not mine. He'll pay for what he did to me!"- Hex Factor

"Monsters don't have a point of view! And your just like him!"- Hex Factor

"Hello father."- Day of Reckoning part 2

"You haven't seen me angry, until now!"- Day of Reckoning part 2

"Yes, he was sending me a message."- The Toad Witch and Wardrobe

"Where is he?!" - The Toad Witch and Wardrobe