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Strategy X Growing Pains Day of Recovery Impact
The X Impulse Power Surge Stuff of Heroes No Good Deed
Rogue Recruit Badda Bing Badda Boom Mainstream Target X
Mutant Crush Fun and Games Stuff of Villians Sins of the Son
Speed and Spyke Beast of Bayville Blind Alley Uprising
Middleverse Adrift X-Treme Measures Cajun Spice
Turn of the Rogue On Angel's Wings The Toad the Witch and the Wardrobe  Ghost of a Chance
Spykecam African Storm Self Possesed Ascension pt. 1
Survival of the Fittest Joyride Under Lock and Key Ascension pt. 2
Shadowed Past Walk on the Wild Side Cruise Control  
Grim Reminder Operation Rebirth X23  
The Cauldron Part 1 Mindbender Dark Horizon part 1  
The Cauldron part 2 Shadowdance Dark Horizon part 2  
  The HeX Factor    
  Day of Reckoning part 1    
  Day of Reckoning part 2