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Fan Fiction

Kitty's True Love: A new student Forge comes to Bayville and has his eyes on Kitty. Kurt learns of jealousy.

Just Once: A fic about what Jean should get Scott for Christmas.

The Youngest of Them All...: This story is in the form of a diary. It contains entries on Kitty's first week as the youngest and newest X Man.

Rogue_Halfling, Chicago, Cricket Tealeaf
The Next Wave<: a group of people go out on the sea on a boat, but they are not alone.
The Next Wave part 2: jokes, teasing, and nightmares that seem real.
Let the Games Begin: A continuation from the above stories, was a man's nightmare more than just a dream? Appearance made by Jean Grey.
Chapter 4: Angel rants and so does Tony Stark. Johnny is nearly robbed and later the thief finds himself pursued by the vigilante monster but manages to escape, having a few tricks up his sleeve.

Lilly Handle
A New Hope chp. 1: Dr Hope Chandler has been working on the X-gene theory for years, and recently published an article. It doesn't take long until Charles Xavier finds this and makes and offer to Hope to work at the Institute. Hope takes the offer but what will come of this new step in her life?
A New Hope chp. 2: Hope is invited to visit the Institute and see what the X-Men do, and when one of the X-Men gets hurt, Hope is there to heal the wounds.
A New Hope chp. 3: Hope says good-bye to Charity and hello to the Institute.
A New Hope chp. 4: Hope starts to get situated into the grove of things at the Institute.
A New Hope chp. 5: Hope's life is in danger when a certain master of magnetism wants to destroy her research.
A New Hope chp. 6: The continued threats towards Hope makes Logan her new bodyguard.
A New Hope chp.7: Hope deals with pressure in the infirmary and for some reason the students' injuries are healing rapidly. Could it have something to do with Logan?
A New Hope chp. 8: Hope seems to think Logan's healing factor is the cause of rapid healing with the students, but when Hope gets attacked by the Brotherhood, her hypothesis changes.

Standing Still : Cute Romy songfic. To Jewel's"Standing Still".
The Letter: After the events of "Impact" Rogue writes a letter to Kurt
The Theory of Wanda's Powers: The theory as to what Wanda's powers are
When Wanda Read the Theory - chp. 1: Wanda reads the theory on her powers and deals with the information in and irresponsible way.
When Wanda Reads the Theory - chp. 2: More irresponsible actions by Wanda are taken.

A Pyro's Rage
My Firecracker: Bobby thinks about his and Jubilee's relationship and how he reacted after she left the institute.

Brian McCoy
The Tide is High: A song fic about Jean's love for Scott.
Midnight Rendezvous: Rogue and Remy have been sneaking our for a long time and they’re both getting tired of it. When Remy comes to the institute, will Rogue be the only one who accepts him.
Wanna Dance: Wonder what happened between the time Rogue and Gambit entered the jazz club to when we saw them sitting down together?
When I Saw Her: The first time Todd and Wanda met from Toad's point of view.
Hard Choices: fic is the sequel to Midnight Rendezvous. Remy and Rogue have started adjusting to having the other around, but when keeping their privacy interferes with the others ideas, they decide to leave the institute.
Ya Live, Learn, and Love: This is a sequel of a sequel. This fic is set in the weeks following Rogue and Gambit's official departure to the south. They will be missed; on the other hand, though, this fic is mostly about Lance and Kitty.
Unseen Hero: Mira has spent her life on the sunny beaches of California. Just before her power manifested, Mira's family moved to Los Angeles. She now lives at the Xavier Institute.