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This site contains miscellaneous links to various bits of computer hardware information which I find interesting. Most of the links are related to CPUs. I made this list primarily for my own reference, but feel free to have a look yourself. Be warned that you may find this list uninteresting, incomplete, silly, ridiculous, ugly, hard to read, or all of the above. I do not claim that all of the information contained in the links is 100% accurate or completely unbiased. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no scheduled updates to this site, although I expect new links to be added in the future.

-eRacer  4/20/06

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AMD only

Puma Notebook June 4, 2008 Puma review with benchmarks.
Interview Hardware Zone June 1, 2008 AMD - Loaded and Back in Action. AMD talks about current and future products.
Roadmap Hexus May 7, 2008 Updated AMD server roadmap through 2010. Bulldozer-based CPUs and 8-core CPUs in previous roadmaps are gone. New 6-core and 12-core CPUs for 2010 added.
Presentation AMD December 13, 2007 2007 Financial Analyst Day presentations.
SSE5 Anandtech August 30, 2007 Details on newly announced SSE5 instructions from AMD.
Griffin CNET August 21, 2007 Upcoming mobile Griffin core not much different than K8.
Presentation PC Perspective July 26, 2007 AMD Analyst Day slides and info.
Roadmap Digitimes June 23, 2007 AMD to release 45-nm CPUs in H2 2008. Socket AM3 to be backward compatible with AM2 and AM2+.
Finance InfoWorld June 18, 2007 AMD looking to stress chip development rather than production to reduce costs.
Griffin PC Watch May 21, 2007 Griffin presentation slides. More Griffin-related info here. Even more Griffin details here.
Barcelona CNET May 21, 2007 AMD shows off Barcelona performance in POV-Ray. YouTube demo video here. Another video with general description of performance here. Intel's V8 response and AMD reply.
Griffin Anandtech May 18, 2007 AMD's Next-Generation Mobile Architecture Revealed: Griffin
Barcelona Digitimes May 17, 2007 Part 1 of an interview with AMD's Patrick Patla about Barcelona. Part 2 is here.
Barcelona Dititimes May 16, 2007 Barcenlona delayed from June to August or September?
Barcelona Real World Technologies May 16, 2007 Barcelona architecture analysis.
Phenom AMD May 14, 2007 Next gen AMD desktop CPUs to get Phenom name.
Sales CRN May 7, 2007 AMD channel opportunities and problems.
Sales April 15, 2007 Henri Richard talks about AMD channel business and confirms Barcelona Q3 launch and desktop K10 available in Q4 2007.
Finance Beyond3D April 11, 2007 Analysis of AMD's financial condition.
Conference April 9, 2007 AMD Tunis conference about R600, etc.
Interview HardwareZone April 2, 2007 AMD on the Rebound: A Chat With Henri Richard
Roadmap Extremetech March 1, 2007 AMD talks about R600 and Barcelona performance.
Chipset iXBT February 28, 2007 AMD 690 chipset presentation slides.
Presentation EETimes February 28, 2007 Barcelona 42% faster in floating-point than Clovertown X5355, double digit increase in integer performance. AMD demoed two 200W R600 video cards as well.
Fusion PC Watch February 28, 2007 Fusion info and slides.
Roadmap HKEPC February 23, 2007 Barcelona rumored specs.
Interview CRN February 23, 2007 Interview with Hector Ruiz.
Sales DigiTimes February 16, 2007 AMD aiming for 30% of the quad-core server CPU market by end of 2007.
Finance ESM February 15, 2007 AMD rumors of leveraged buy-out, and AMD possibly facing cash crunch this year.
Production Semiconductor Fabtech February 5, 2007 No high-k metal gate CPUs from AMD until late 2009 at the earliest.
Interview Hexus February 1, 2007 Video Barcelona interview with AMD's Patrick Patla.
Fusion PC Watch January 31, 2007 Fusion article about possibilities and limitations.
Roadmap Planet 3DNow! January 30, 2007 AMD roadmap through 2008 with new 2008 code names.
Roadmap HKEPC December 28, 2006 Stars (K8L) CPUs to make up 10% Q3 07 shipments, 20% Q4, and >60% Q1 08. Stars to include SSE4A.
Presentation EPS Contest December 14, 2006 AMD 2006 Analyst Day slides.
Quad-core Ars Technica December 6, 2006 Comments on AMD Barcelona architecture.
Quad-core HKEPC December 5, 2006 Rumored AMD quad-core specs for 2007.
65-nm Electronic News December 5, 2006 AMD announces 65-nm CPUs.
65-nm Semiconductor Fabtech December 5, 2006 Claims AMD 65-nm CPU "uses minimum gate lengths of 35nm, nine copper and one aluminum metal levels, strained silicon channel and a Silicon on Insulator (SOI) substrate".
FAB38 Solid State Technology December 5, 2006 First wafer outs for FAB 38 planned for Q1 2008.
Quad-Core Yahoo! Finance November 30, 2006 AMD's first quad-core demo.
Fusion HardOCP November 16, 2006 AMD Fusion presentation slides.
Roadmap DailyTech November 14, 2006 AMD 2007 roadmap.
Production CRN November 3, 2006 AMD facing severe channel chipset shortages.
Roadmap TGDaily November 3, 2006 AMD updated roadmap and codenames.
ATI buyout HardOCP October 27, 2006 AMD and ATI acquisition presentation slides.
Fusion Macworld October 25, 2006 AMD plans to combine CPU and GPU by early 2009. Project is codenamed Fusion.
Dell October 23, 2006 Dell introduces its first two AMD servers.
K8L Channel Insider October 10, 2006 AMD Barcelona specs. The Inquirer also has some analysis.
Chipsets ChiliHardWare October 6, 2006 ATI roadmap through much of 2007 posted with several marketing slides.
Presentation Digit-Life October 6, 2006 VIA Technology Forum 2006 with a lot of AMD info.
K8L HKEPC October 5, 2006 Dynamic I/O bus introduced in K8L architecture. HT frequency to vary by CPU frequency.
K8L HKEPC October 4, 2006 Info about H2 2007 desktop K8L CPUs. Includes new code names Altair, Antares, Arcturus, Spica. Socket AM2+ and Socket F+ coincide with HT 3.0 launch.
Chartered DigiTimes October 4, 2006 AMD validates Chartered 65-nm production which is expected to start in H1 2007.
K8L DigiTimes October 3, 2006 AMD to postpone DDR3 adoption until 45-nm in 2008, first desktop quad-core K8L to use Socket AM2+.
Roadmap Planet 3DNow! September 28, 2006 AMD roadmap through end of 2006.
Bulldozer LaptopLogic September 27, 2006 LaptopLogic claims Bulldozer not due until late 45-nm or even 32-nm despite their previous report here of Bulldozer in mid-2007.
65-nm HKEPC September 25, 2006 The 65-nm Athlon 64 X2 with 1MBx2 L2 cache may be dropped in favor of a 100MHz clock speed increase.
K8L Digit-Life September 22, 2006 AMD Moscow server presentation including K8L info. Includes many official AMD slides.
Roadmap September 22, 2006 List of AMD CPUs to be launched later in 2006 including the Athlon 64 X2 6000+. Athlon 64 FX transitions to Socket-F.
Interview CNet September 22, 2006 Phil Hestor claims CPU/GPU integration at 45-nm in 2008.
Sales Silicon Investor September 12, 2006 Post of Lehman Brothers report of their position on AMD's short- and long-term outlook. Claims AMD's ASPs in Q2 06 were $94 compared to Intel's $125.
65-nm The Inquirer September 8, 2006 AMD to start shipping 65-nm in October.
Dell The Inquirer September 8, 2006 Dell AMD desktop line-up revealed with model names and specs.
ATI buyout ATI September 6, 2006 ATI revenue to fall $100+ million short of expectations in Q4 2006.
65-nm The Inquirer September 5, 2006 First AMD 65-nm CPUs to be at 1.35V. This XtremeSystems post suggests it might be 1.25V instead.
Dell DigiTimes September 4, 2006 Dell to use 20 million AMD CPUs between Q4 2006 and Q4 2007.
Chipsets DigiTimes August 30, 2006 AMD-ATI to launch new notebook platform in Q4 with new ATI chipsets.
65-nm The Inquirer August 26, 2006 AMD rumored to have frequency scaling problems at target voltages for 65-nm CPUs.
Chipsets The Register August 22, 2006 Next gen ATI chipsets for Intel systems dropped from roadmap. Digitimes also mentions the roadmap change.
Dell X-bit labs August 20, 2006 Dell may order 1.4 - 2.1 million AMD notebooks by year-end according to Citigroup.
65-nm Semiconductor Fabtech August 18, 2006 AMD 65-nm wafers shipping, may end up in Dell desktops soon.
Dell August 17, 2006 Dell orders about 2 million AMD systems, both desktop and notebook.
Quad-core AMD August 15, 2006 AMD launches DDR2 Opterons and announces quad-core tape-out.
Production Digitimes August 14, 2006 AMD aims to ship 9.8 million Socket-AM2 and Socket-939 Athlon 64 X2 processors in H2 2006. In H1 2006 AMD shipped 1.6 million X2 CPUs.
Review X-bit labs August 11, 2006 Athlon 64 X2 3600+ review.
ATI buyout DriverHeaven August 11, 2006 Dave Orton interview.
ATI buyout CRN August 11, 2006 CRN interviews Pat Moorhead.
Integrated GPU PC Pro August 8, 2006 Integrated GPU would be simple and target low cost markets.
Production HKEPC August 7, 2006 AMD plans huge processor ramp in Q3 and Q4 2006 and expecting to sell 46 million desktop CPUs this year. Included chart shows unit volumes for each CPU family.
ATI buyout Custom PC August 7, 2006 AMD dropping ATI brand. Follow up article claims ATI brand will not be axed.
Dell ZDNet Asia August 4, 2006 Dell to introduce AMD laptops as early as October.
Sales Digitimes August 2, 2006 AMD aims to ship over million Socket 754 Sempron CPUs in emerging markets in 3Q.
Review X-bit labs August 2, 2006 Energy Efficient Athlon 64 X2 review.
Pricing DailyTech August 2, 2006 Opteron revision F pricing.
ATI buyout Digitimes July 25, 2006 Part 1 of Henri Richard interview about ATI acquision. Part 2 is here.
ATI buyout July 24, 2006 Meyer comments about direction of AMD/ATI.
ATI buyout PC Pro July 24, 2006 Ruiz and Orton talk about benefits of acquision.
Quad-core DailyTech July 22, 2006 AMD to demo quad-core late this year with a mid-2007 launch expected.
Conference call SeekingAlpha July 20, 2006 AMD Q2 2006 earnings conference call transcript.
Pricing DailyTech July 17, 2006 Drastic desktop price cuts expected July 24, larger than previously expected.
Pricing DailyTech July 17, 2006 AMD mobile prices including 10/23.
Roadmap Digitimes July 10, 2006 Digitimes reports no K8L on AM3 until 2008.
Economics The Inquirer July 7, 2006 AMD revenues will miss guidance in Q2 2006.
AM3 DailyTech July 6, 2006 Socket AM2 compatible with AM3 CPUs, but Socket AM3 not compatible with AM2 CPUs.
Pricing HKEPC June 27, 2006 Upcoming price cut chart showed for standard and EE AMD desktop CPUs.
Production Reuters June 23, 2006 AMD plans for $3.2 billion fab in New York with production scheduled to start in 2010 at the earliest.
Roadmap DailyTech June 22, 2006 End of life dates listed for AMD CPUs.
Dell The Inquirer June 22, 2006 Dell to sell a lot of AMD notebooks and desktops this fall.
Revision F Opteron DailyTech June 21, 2006 Rev. F Opteron details including naming scheme and high watt 2.8GHz parts at launch.
Roadmap Tech Report June 14, 2006 AMD is killing 1MBx2 L2 cache Athlon 64 AM2 CPUs only a few weeks after launch. Other models also being cut by the end of Q2.
Pricing DailyTech June 11, 2006 Big Athlon 64 X2 price cuts due on July 24th.
Roadmap Real World Technologies June 10, 2006 Anonymous forum member posts rev. GH rumor.
Socket F The Inquirer June 10, 2006 Socket-F delayed due to Foxconn socket manufacturing problems.
ATI merger TweakTown June 8, 2006 Intel considers AMD/ATI merger likely.
Efficeon AMD June 6, 2006 AMD markets Efficeon processors.
Interview Business Week June 5, 2006 Ruiz talks about Torrenza and says "battle is no longer about the core. Customers are looking for architectural performance, innovation."
Bulldozer LaptopLogic June 3, 2006 Bulldozer mobile CPU speculation.
Production AMD May 29, 2006 AMD converting FAB30 to FAB38 with 300mm 65-nm production in 2007. EE Times article.
Production AMD May 26, 2006 AMD stresses no tight capacity.
AM2 performance Anandtech May 24, 2006 nForce 590 SLI versus nForce4 SLI X16 chipsets.
AM2 reviews Hot Hardware May 23, 2006 New AM2 benchmarked on nForce 590 SLI and RD580 chipsets. RD580 much better on power consumption. Other interesting AM2 reviews: t-break, Matbe, X-bit labs, Lost Circuits, and Tom's Hardware Guide.
Roadmap Anandtech May 24, 2006 Revision G info including that 65-nm Deerfield feature similar to current 90-nm CPUs (not K8L).
Mobile The Inquirer May 22, 2006 AMD designing new mobile CPU codenamed Bulldozer.
Opteron PC Watch May 19, 2006 Chuck Moore at Spring Processor Forum talks about K8L, Opteron energy efficiency.
Dell May 18, 2006 Dell announces Opteron support for high end (4S) servers due by end of 2006.
Interview TechNewsWorld May 18, 2006 Marty Seyer interview claiming "AMD is going to be the leader in performance per watt per dollar".
Roadmap Anandtech May 18, 2006 No quad-core K8L until 2008.
Roadmap HKEPC May 18, 2006 Desktop quad-core K8L in H1 2008, server quad-core K8L in H2 2008.
Roadmap Electronic News May 17, 2006 Chuck Moore claims next gen architecture available in H1 2007.
Turion X2 performance May 17, 2006 First full review of Turion X2. Turion X2 had relatively disappointing performance and battery life compared to equally clocked Core Duo.
K8L Chip Architect May 16, 2006 Picture of 65-nm K8L versus dual-core rev. F. Another comparison here. Hans analysis here at Silicon Investor.
Market share Yahoo! Finance May 16, 2006 Eric Ross lowers price target due to plummeting prices and skyrocketing inventory.
K8L The Inquirer May 16, 2006 K8L specs released. More at Real World Technologies, The Register, and
Energy-efficient CPUs AMD May 16, 2006 AMD press release about new energy-efficient processor lineup.
K10 Silicon Investor May 15, 2006 Hans De Vries explanation why K10 was killed.
Roadmap The Inquirer May 15, 2006 AMD rumored to hit 3.4GHz this year on 65-nm.
Roadmap HKEPC May 15, 2006 Athlon 64 X2 65-nm to launch in December at maximum of 2.4GHz/4800+ to OEMs only. VR-Zone comments.
L3 cache The Inquirer May 11, 2006 Deerhound to only have 2MB L3 in 2007. Cerberus and Wolfhound to have 6MB L3 cache in 2008.
Roadmap Digitimes May 11, 2006 Turion X2 to launch May 17 and AM2 to launch May 23.
Interview SmartMoney Magazine May 10, 2006 Hector Ruiz interview.
Interview The Register May 10, 2006 Henri Richard interview with The Register. He is asked about AMD's current and future situation in light of Intel's upcoming NGA processor launches.
Geode May 10, 2006 Geode NX DB1500 review.
Market share Ace's Hardware May 8, 2006 Mercury reports A64 X2 equalled 7% of Q1 06 shipments which is a 3% increase from Q4 05.
Athlon 64 AM2 performance t-break May 7, 2006 Benchmarks of single-core AM2 Athlon 64 3500+ with DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 compared to S939 Athlon 64 3500+. Poor performance. Early revision?
Roadmap DigiTimes May 3, 2006 Another story about Turion X2 delayed from May 9 to June.
Roadmap PC Watch May 3, 2006 PC Watch version of AMD's roadmap. Includes new additions such as Zamora and Cadiz.
Opteron recall AMD April 28, 2006 AMD recalls 3,000 x52 and x54 Opterons which may produce FP errors under load and high temps. The Inquirer and The Register weigh in on the issue.
FAB36 EETimes April 27, 2006 AMD's Hans Deppe says FAB36 ramp on schedule. The first 65-nm product will be a dual-core desktop Athlon 64 and will be ready in H2 2006.
FAB36 PC Watch April 25, 2006 AMD manufacturing slides including SiGE info and PCWatch node roadmap for AMD and Intel. MYCOM PC WEB has several slides posted as well.
Hypertransport DailyTech April 24, 2006 Hypertransport 3.0 ratified. Article lists a few features of HT 3.0.
Rumor mill Ace's Hardware April 24, 2006 Charlie Demerjian (Groo_) speculates about K8L and fates of K9 and K10 in this thread.
Interview AMDZone April 2006 Damon Muzny interview. Claims 65nm wafer starts will account for more than 50% of total production at Fab 36 by early 2007, and on track for 45nm production in Fab 36 by mid 2008.
Athlon 64 AM2 performance Anandtech April 14, 2006 Another Socket AM2 preview with focus on DDR2 versus DDR performance.
FAB36 EETimes April 13, 2006 Fab36 ramping slower than expected?
Athlon 64 AM2 performance Anandtech April 10, 2006 Socket AM2 preview with improved memory controller performance.
K10 x86-secret April 9, 2006 AMD K10 "anti-hyperthreading" rumors. Google English translation is here.
65-nm conversion April 4, 2006 AMD 65-nm conversion article including picture of single-core 65-nm CPU. My visual comparison of the 65-nm core to a rev. F core is here.
65-nm conversion Semiconductor Fabtech early April 2006 FAB36 65-nm conversion complete Q4 2007. Ramping to 20,000 wspm instead of 13,000 wspm.
Roadmap DailyTech March 31, 2006 Socket-754 to outlast Socket-939. Last orders for Venice in Q2 2006.
Turion X2 PC-Welt March 17, 2006 Turion to launch on May 9th with 25W and 35W versions, at speeds up to 2.2GHz, and with 512KB or 1MB L2 cache (most of which was later proven wrong).
Interview DigiTimes March 13, 2006 Re-defining microprocessors: Q&A with AMD’s Henri Richard - Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.
Roadmap TGDaily March 6, 2006 Ruiz claims AMD may concentrate less on consumer PCs to focus on commercial processor market.
Athlon 64 AM2 performance Tom's Hardware Guide February 21, 2006 Socket AM2 Athlon 64 X2 4800+ performance preview with old engineering sample showing poor memory bandwidth.
Athlon 64 FX The Inquirer February 16, 2006 Charlie expects Athlon 64 FX to get L3 cache "sooner rather than later".
Roadmap The Inquirer March 3, 2006 Charlie talks about upcoming revision F, G, and H CPUs from AMD.
DDR2 ramp X-bit Labs December 14, 2005 AMD DDR2 CPUs to make up 25% of Q2 2006 shipments.
Production PCWorld December 7, 2005 AMD, IBM Team on Speedier Chips: New forms of strained silicon bolster 65-nanometer chip-making technique.
Architecture Anandtech October 14, 2005 Phil Hester speaks about next gen CPUs from AMD.
Performance comparison X-bit Labs October 12, 2005 Sempron-754 vs. Sempron-939 vs. A64-939.
Athlon 64 production EPS Contest June 10, 2005 Athlon 64 and Sempron ramp chart Q2 04 - Q2 05.
Quad-core The Inquirer June 6, 2005 Charlie hears rumors of quad-core AMD CPU for Q1 2006.
Quad-core The Register April 26, 2005 Ruiz says quad-core to sample in 2007.
Memory performance Techconnect Magazine April 20, 2005 Performance comparison between single- and dual-channel memory on Athlon 64 4000+.
Performance comparison X-bit Labs April 3, 2005 Newcastle, Winchester and Venice performance compared.
Architecture Anandtech March 31, 2005 Fred Weber speaks about the future of AMD processors.
Mobile roadmap AMD June 2004 AMD mobile roadmap Q2-04 through Q3-05.
Ruiz interview SiliconInvestor May 31, 2004 Merril Lynch and AMD Jospeh Osha chats with Hector Ruiz. AMD plans for 2004/2005.
Dell eWeek April 23, 2004 Ruiz expects Dell to support Opteron by two year anniversary of Opteron.
McGrath presentation Tech Report March 2, 2004 Future Athlon 64s to include SSE3 support and other improvements. Kevin McGrath Stanford presentation.
Buffer overflow protection CBS MarketWatch December 16, 2003 AMD grabs key security advantage preventing buffer overflow code execution.
Roadmap The Inquirer November 12, 2003 Opteron roadmap through 2006 with K9 listed.
Roadmap Extremetech November 6, 2003 Massive AMD roadmap update. Newcastle to be 150 mm^2.
Presentation AMD 2003 Reseller Seminar November 6, 2003 Detailed information on roadmaps and benchmarks AMD is using to promote Athlon 64. Total of 39 pictures. Click here for the picture index.
Roadmap AMD November 2003 Athlon 64 / Athlon 64 FX roadmap Q4 2003 - Q3 2004.
Power specs AMD November 2003 Athlon 64 / Athlon 64 FX power spec chart for 130-nm and 90-nm CPUs.
Athlon 64 production Inquirer October 1, 2003 Athlon production estimates for 2004.
Roadmap Unknown October 2003 Off-base speculation on Athlon XP/64/FX release dates.
Roadmap AMD June 2003 Athlon 64 roadmap Q3 2003 - Q4 2004.
IBM/AMD partnership EE Times January 10, 2003 IBM and AMD partnership.
Clawhammer performance X-bit Labs June 12, 2002 First ever Clawhammer benchmarks.
Clawhammer delay EE Times May 1, 2001 AMD delays Hammer processors.
Clawhammer delay CNET April 27, 2001 AMD delays Hammer release. Mentions other AMD processors as well.
Interview Electronics Supply & Manufacturing August 25, 2000 Hector Ruiz interview talking about Mustang and chip codename changes, XBox loss and more.
Roadmap AMD 2000 AMD processor roadmap 2000 - 2001.
Athlon performance FiringSquad May 22, 1999 K7 550 preview article which spawned rumors of poor Athlon performance.