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This site contains miscellaneous links to various bits of computer hardware information which I find interesting. Most of the links are related to CPUs. I made this list primarily for my own reference, but feel free to have a look yourself. Be warned that you may find this list uninteresting, incomplete, silly, ridiculous, ugly, hard to read, or all of the above. I do not claim that all of the information contained in the links is 100% accurate or completely unbiased. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no scheduled updates to this site, although I expect new links to be added in the future.

-eRacer  4/20/06

CATEGORIES:   AMD only, Intel only, CPU - General, Video Cards, Other


Hardware Physics HardOCP July 10, 2006 ATI, NVIDIA, Havok and AGEIA talk about gaming physics.
PhysX Anandtech May 5, 2006 AGEIA PhysX card review with a couple benchmarks.
Windows Vista May 2, 2006 Gartner expects Vista to be delayed until April-June 2007.
FB-DIMM December 23, 2005 FB-DIMM explained.
Memory performance August 11, 2004 Memory bandwidth vs. latency timings.
General info Corsair Corsair memory basics presentation.
Power supplies JS Custom PCs Power supply wattage calculator.
BIOS Adrian's Rojak Pot The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide