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This site contains miscellaneous links to various bits of computer hardware information which I find interesting. Most of the links are related to CPUs. I made this list primarily for my own reference, but feel free to have a look yourself. Be warned that you may find this list uninteresting, incomplete, silly, ridiculous, ugly, hard to read, or all of the above. I do not claim that all of the information contained in the links is 100% accurate or completely unbiased. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no scheduled updates to this site, although I expect new links to be added in the future.

-eRacer  4/20/06

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CPU - General

Via Nano Legit Reviews June 2, 2008 Centaur Technologies Tour - Making The Via Nano CPU. Via Nano info and benchmarks.
Market share eWeek April 23, 2008 AMD and Intel x86 CPU market share. IDC numbers.
ASP Investor Village July 25, 2007 AMD and Intel ASPs for desktop, mobile, server and overall from Q1 06 to Q2 07.
OLPC 60 Minutes May 20,2007 Critical comments from Negroponte about Intel's interference in the One Laptop Per Child program.
Market share Reuters April 24, 2007 Intel CPU market share rebounds to 80.5% in Q1 07.
Market share TG Daily April 10, 2007 AMD loses dominance in U.S. retail channel to Intel
Market Share InvestorVillage January 27, 2007 Mercury Q4 06 x86 CPU market share percentage and units.
Pricing InvestorVillage December 10, 2006 AMD and Intel ASPs for Q3 2006.
Platform EETimes - Asia November, 16, 2006 AMD Hypertransport vs. Geneseo.
Quad-core December 14, 2006 AMD FX-74 and Intel Kentsfield performance in Windows Vista.
Quad-core Hardware Upgrade November 30, 2006 AMD 4x4 and Intel Kentsfield performance in Windows XP and Vista RC2.
Market share X-bit labs October 31, 2006 AMD and Intel grew market share in Q3 2006. Bloomberg has more detailed numbers.
Market share PC Advisor September 27, 2006 AMD holds 16% of laptop market and Intel 82% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. AMD's share down slightly in Q2 06 compared to Q1.
Quad-core DigiTimes September 20, 2006 Article claims that AMD has already shipped revision H quad-core samples.
Market share IDC August 23, 2006 A lot of info on Q2 server market share.
Market share July 31, 2006 AMD reaches 26% server market share.
Market share International Business Times July 27, 2006 AMD gains market share in Q2 on Intel. Unit shipments at 22% market share.
Market share CNET July 10, 2006 Intel takes back lead in U.S. retail
NVIDIA CPU nForcersHQ June 8, 2006 NVIDIA looking to enter CPU market?
Server market share Investor's Business Daily May 24, 2006 AMD has nearly 26% of U.S. x86 server market, and 48.1% in the U.S. x86 multi-processor server market.
Interview nV News Forums May 11, 2006 Tim Sweeney interview where he disses P4, praises Conroe and Intel's direction on quad-core.
CPU architecture Anandtech May 1, 2006 Intel Core versus AMD's K8 architecture.
Oblivion CPU performance FiringSquad April 25, 2006 Comparison of single- and dual-core Athlon 64 performance at different resolutions in Oblivion. Anandtech has a review up as well which also includes Intel CPUs.
Server performance Anandtech April 24, 2006 Quad-socket dual-core performance comparison between Opteron 880 and 3GHz Paxville Xeon MP.
Performance Tom's Hardware Guide April 5, 2006 Spring 2006 Interactive CPU Charts. Compares performance of many CPUs in a variety of benchmarks. Clicking on chart results shows benchmark test setup.
AMD market share CNET March 3, 2006 AMD retail desktop market share 81.5% in first seven weeks of 2006. Intel notebook share down to 63%.
Quad-core The Inquirer February 8, 2006 Intel to demo quad-core publicly. AMD first quad-core demo behind closed doors back in October 2005.
Market share internetnews January 26, 2006 AMD 21.4% x86 market share, 15.1% mobile, 16.4% server.
Desktop performance The Inquirer December 29, 2005 Charlie expects Conroe to outperform Athlon 64 by the end of 2006 with Athlon 64 predicted at 3.2GHz and Conroe at 3GHz.
Performance c't September 2005 Expected SPEC performance and TDP of upcoming processors including K9.
Performance Tom's Hardware Guide December 21, 2004 The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 2. Huge variety of CPUs benchmarked including everything from 100MHz Pentium to 3.46GHz P4EE and Athlon 64 FX-55.
Windows x86 performance Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows May 11, 2004 Microsoft VP Bob Muglia talks about Intel and AMD x86-64 performance.
Manufacturing costs ZDNet May 16, 2002 Pentium 4 vs. Athlon XP manufacturing costs.