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This site contains miscellaneous links to various bits of computer hardware information which I find interesting. Most of the links are related to CPUs. I made this list primarily for my own reference, but feel free to have a look yourself. Be warned that you may find this list uninteresting, incomplete, silly, ridiculous, ugly, hard to read, or all of the above. I do not claim that all of the information contained in the links is 100% accurate or completely unbiased. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no scheduled updates to this site, although I expect new links to be added in the future.

-eRacer  4/20/06

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Intel only

Nehalem Anandtech June 5, 2008 Nehalem performance preview.
Atom Anandtech June 3, 2008 Intel Atom benchmarks.
Core 2 Duo Tom's Hardware October 24, 2007 Impact of cache size on benchmark performance.
45-nm HKEPC September 25, 2007 Intel desktop 45-nm launch models, prices, and volumes.
Roadmap Tom's Hardware June 22, 2007 Intel server and workstation roadmaps through Q2 2008.
CPU Beyond3D April 11, 2007 Intel presentation reveals the future of the CPU-GPU war
Roadmap EETimes March 20, 2007 Intel plans 45-nm UMPC CPU launch for later in 2007.
Interview EETimes March 19, 2007 Paul Otellini Intel will maintain performance lead for the next 12-18 months.
Presentation Intel February 21, 2007 Intel server PDF presentation.
Roadmap PC Watch February 2, 2007 Intel roadmap suggesting first 45-nm CPUs will be clocked and named the same as 65-nm Core 2.
Clovertown TG Daily January 31, 2006 Clovertown to make up 30% of 2-way server CPU shipments in Q1 07 and ramp to 70% by Q4 07.
45-nm Real World Tech January 27, 2006 Intel 45-nm process details. Anandtech also covers story.
Roadmap HKEPC January 26, 2006 Intel desktop shipments through Q4 2007. Some Yorkfield and Wolfdale specs included.
Sales CNET January 25, 2006 Intel creates server design customized for Google's needs.
Roadmap HKEPC December 19, 2006 Planned Intel desktop shipments Q4 06 through Q3 07.
Pricing HKEPC December 18, 2006 Q2 price cuts for Core 2 desktops.
Penryn Reuters November 27, 2006 Intel Penryn samples in production.
Roadmap VR-Zone November 18, 2006 HyperThreading to return with Bloomfield in Nehalem generation.
Clovertown November 11, 2006 Clovertown review.
DDR3 HKEPC October 23, 2006 Intel DDR3 info for 2007 and beyond.
Roadmap HKEPC October 21, 2006 Intel desktop market share projected from Q4 2006 through Q3 2007.
Roadmap VR-Zone October 20, 2006 Nahelem to get two new sockets.
Yorkfield VR-Zone October 4, 2006 Rumored quad-core Yorkfield vs. Altair specs. Yorkfield clocks listed as 3.46-3.73GHz.
Caneland TechWeb September 29, 2006 Caneland platform slide with specs.
Quad-core heise online September 29, 2006 Cost estimates of true quad-core versus dual die dual-core. True quad-core would cost several dollars more per CPU.
Yorkfield DigiTimes September 28, 2006 Yorkfield planned for Q3 2007 launch.
SSE4 Anandtech September 27, 2006 SSE4 will contain 50 instructions and be introduced in the Nehalem family of processors.
Roadmap CNET September 26, 2006 Intel targets 80-core CPU production within five years.
Production Yahoo! Finance September 26, 2006 Intel claims to have shipped 5 million Core 2 Duo CPUs in less than 60 days after launch.
Tulsa DigiTimes September 22, 2006 Tulsa to account for 85% of 4-way server CPU shipments from Intel in Q1 2007.
Quad-core DailyTech September 21, 2006 Intel Clovertown and Kentsfield specs listed through early 2007.
Conroe-L DigiTimes September 19, 2006 Specs on new Pentiums and Celerons based on single-core Conroe-L due to launch in 2007.
BTX HEXUS September 10, 2006 BTX fading away. Intel plans no new BTX launches in 2007.
Kentsfield Tom's Hardware September 10, 2006 Full performance preview of 2.67GHz Kentsfield versus several other popular processors.
CSI ZDNet September 8, 2006 Intel expecting to use CSI and integrated memory controller in 2008 for Tukwila and 2009 for Xeon.
Core 2 Duo The Inquirer August 25, 2006 New Core 2 Duo stepping on the way.
Production DigiTimes August 16, 2006 Intel phasing out production of almost all 90-nm CPUs by end of 2006.
G965 chipset The Inquirer August 2, 2006 C1 stepping buggy. Graphics performance of C2 stepping poor, possibly worse than the 945G.
Production Yahoo! July 27, 2006 Otellini says Intel plans to ship 1 million Core 2 Duos in less than seven weeks.
Production CRN July 27, 2006 Intel claims Core 2 Duo fastest ramping chip in Intel history, shipping 1 million processors in a little less than 10 weeks.
64-bit performance PC Watch July 18, 2006 Hiroshige's Goto analysis on CMW 64-bit performance limitations.
Tulsa HKEPC July 16, 2006 Tulsa to launch August 27th.
965 chipset The Inquirer July 6, 2006 965 chipsets are scarce due to lack of IDE controller.
RAID problems The Inquirer July 5, 2006 Conroe problems using RAID. Here is a followup story on Woodcrest RAID problems.
Conroe launch The Inquirer July 4, 2006 Conroe launch moved up to July 14th.
Conroe performance June 22, 2006 Excellent Conroe preview with benchmarks showing the effects of latency, bandwidth, FSB, L2 cache size and 64-bit versus 32-bit on performance.
Kentsfield performance XtremeSystems June 19, 2006 Kentsfield sample at 2.4GHz benchmarked and significantly outperformed Conroe in Cinebench and TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress.
Intel FB-DIMM performance Phoronix June 16, 2006 Many benchmarks of FB-DIMM performance.
Conroe performance Digit-Life June 16, 2006 Tests 4MB 2.13GHz and 2.67GHz Conroe against FX-62, FX-60 and PEE 965.
Quad-core eWeek June 13, 2006 Intel possibly planning future CPUs with integrated memory and/or graphics controller.
Pricing Bloomberg June 9, 2006 Intel to cut prices up to 60%. AMD's Dirk Meyer says "Price competition doesn't scare us."
Roadmap bit-tech June 8, 2006 Core 2 Duo may not launch until September.
Woodcrest performance Anandtech June 7, 2006 First complete Woodcrest review. Compares 3GHz Woodcrest performance to Opteron, Sun UltraSparc T1, Irwindale.
P965 chipset The Inquirer June 6, 2006 The P965 chipset is expected to use more power than the 945P and 975X.
Conroe Extreme performance Anandtech June 6, 2006 Anandtech compares 2.93GHz Core 2 Extreme X6800 performance to AMD FX-62.
Chipset performance June 6, 2006 Intel 975X, 965G, 946G and 945P chipset performance compared using 1.83GHz Conroe.
Conroe performance Hardware Upgrade June 4, 2006 Conroe 2.67GHz performance compared to FX-60 @ 2.8GHz. bit-tech also reviews the Conroe E6700.
Roadmap HKEPC May 26, 2006 Bear Lake chipset to support 1333MHz FSB in Q2 2007 for Conroe XE.
Conroe-L roadmap HKEPC May 26, 2006 Single-core Conroe-L due in Q2 2007.
Pricing HKEPC May 25, 2006 Intel CPU pricing roadmap.
Woodcrest tecCHANNEL May 23, 2006 Woodcrest review with benchmark comparisons to Opteron, Dempsey, and older Xeons.
Conroe performance Hexus May 23, 2006 Conroe at 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz dominate FX-62, FX-60 and PEE 965.
Woodcrest Real World Technologies May 23, 2006 Woodcrest previewed and performance compared to Dempsey.
Woodcrest Tech Report May 23, 2006 Woodcrest previewed and performance compared to Opteron 285.
Woodcrest performance The Inquirer May 19, 2006 Woodcrest dominates in Linpack performance.
Woodcrest The Inquirer May 18, 2006 Woodcrest power use better than expected (65W instead of 80W), and a bit faster as well.
Conroe info Tom's Hardware Guide May 14, 2006 Thread with summary of Conroe benchmarks and info in the THG forums.
Interview TGDaily May 11, 2006 David Tuhy talks about the future of Intel desktops.
Conroe review PConline May 9, 2006 Many Conroe benchmarks from various benchmark categories. Included 2.13GHz 4MB and 1.83GHz 2MB engineering samples.
Tukwila / CSI Real World Technologies May 5, 2006 Specs listed for Tukwila and CSI.
Yonah performance Anandtech May 4, 2006 Intel Core Duo: AOpen i975Xa-YDG to the Rescue. Yonah meets or beats Opteron performance in every benchmark. One of the first Yonah reviews using a performance chipset (975X) and low latency DDR2-667 (3-3-3).
Merom performance XtremeSystems May 3, 2006 Coolaler compares overclocked 2.16GHz Merom to overclocked 2.16GHz Yonah in several benchmarks.
Mobile specs HKEPC April 28, 2006 Yonah vs. Merom specs with TDPs listed.
Roadmap X-bit labs April 28, 2006 Intel expects new architecture every two years. Nahalem and Gesher listed.
Presentation Intel April 27, 2006 Intel Spring 2006 Analyst Meeting PDF slides. Lots of Woodcrest, Conroe and Merom info.
Roadmap The Inquirer April 27, 2006 Intel Woodcrest to ship in June, Conroe July, Merom August.
Conroe performance XtremeSystems April 24, 2006 Conroe @ 2.72GHz sets Aquamark 3 record, beats 3.6+GHz Athlon 64 FX-60.
Conroe performance XtremeSystems April 23, 2006 Conroe @ 2.67GHz scores in 3DMark 2001, 3DMark05 and 3DMark06.
Woodcrest performance Coolaler April 20, 2006 SuperPi 1M 17.375s score of 3GHz Woodcrest.
Conference call Seeking Alpha April 19, 2006 Intel Q1 2006 earnings conference call transcript.
Pentium/Celeron power HKEPC April 19, 2006 Pentium 6xx and Celeron D to get new stepping and use less power in Q3 2006.
Yonah performance BeHardware April 20, 2006 Desktop Intel Core Duo. Full Core Duo review and benchmarked against Pentium M, Pentium D, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2.
Yonah performance Tech Report April 18, 2006 Yonah 2.16GHz compared to Turion, A64 X2, A64 FX, Opteron, Dothan, Pentium D and Pentium EE.
Quad-core ramp X-bit Labs April 18, 2006 Analyst expects slow quad-core ramp. Includes Pentium D, Paxville and Pentium EE unit sales in 2005.
Conroe roadmap DailyTech April 17, 2006 Conroe To Account for 40% of Intel Desktop in Q1'07.
Clovertown performance HKEPC April 13, 2006 Dual socket quad-core Clovertown system running 64-bit Cinebench.
Merom performance XtremeSystems April 12, 2006 Repost of 2 GHz Merom versus 2.16GHz Yonah benchmarks.
Celeron-M performance XtremeSystems April 9, 2006 One of the earliest known overclocks of Yonah-based Celeron-M. Celeron-M 430 (1.73GHz stock) runs SuperPi beyond 3.2GHz.
Pentium D 805 performance Anandtech April 7, 2006 First full review of Pentium D 805 performance.
Conroe performance Victor's blog early April 2006 Some of the earliest independent Conroe benchmarks are here set 1 set 2 set 3 set 4. Results also posted in this XtremeSystems thread.
Woodcrest performance HardwareZone March 16, 2006 Intel compares 3GHz Woodcrest performance and energy-efficiency to Sun 2.4GHz Opteron system.
Conroe performance Anandtech March 7, 2006 Many Conroe previews from Intel Conroe vs. 2.8GHz FX-60 demo including:
Anandtech-Part 1
Anandtech-Part 2
Tech Report
Hot Hardware
Woodcrest performance March 3, 2006 Anticipated Woodcrest SPEC scores compared to current processors.
Pentium specs Intel March 2, 2006 PDF with info on new C1 stepping specs including lower power consumption.
Conroe price list Overclockers Forums February 27, 2006 Expected Conroe prices and frequencies through 2006.
Tulsa Real World Technologies February 19, 2006 Article on Intel Tulsa with 16MB L3 cache.
Conroe roadmap Anandtech February 16, 2006 Intel 2006 desktop roadmap and percentage Conroe shipments for Q3 and Q4 2006.
Core Duo ZDNet UK January 30, 2006 Vendors struggle to ship Core Duo laptops due to launch date being moved up from March to January.
Intel roadmap Tom's Hardware Guide December 4, 2005 Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered: Lots of code names and launch times listed for Intel's 65-nm and 45-nm CPUs.
Dempsey performance Real World Technologies November 29, 2005 Dempsey performance preview comparing to Nocona.
Dempsey performance November 8, 2005 Dempsey benchmark preview.
Production The Inquirer August 18th, 2005 Charlie hears rumors that Intel's 45-nm process features very low leakage/excellent power consumption.
Montecito MPR Online January 18, 2005 MPR Online awards Montecito the MPR Analysts' Choice Award for Best Server Processor of 2004.
Prescott launch EE Times December 15, 2003 Analyst claiming Prescott speeds lowered from 2.8+ GHz to 2.2 - 2.4 GHz.
Intel roadmap PC Watch December 2003 Unofficial Intel CPU roadmap through 2006.
Intel presentation Investors Hub November 24, 2003 Intel fall analyst presentation.
Prescott benchmarks OCHeaven October 3, 2003 First Prescott benchmarks (2.8 GHz).
Itanium ZDNet UK April 23, 2003 Itanium's 32-bit emulator to fight AMD.
Itanium X-bit labs February 26, 2003 Only 3500 Itanium Processors Sold in 2002. But HP Bets on Itanium.
Roadmap The Inquirer January 29, 2003 Tejas to reach 9.20GHz, Prescott 5.20GHz. Nehalem to start at 10.2GHz. Hard Tecs 4U published similar roadmap in July 2003.
Itanium Silicon Investor September 28, 2002 Reference to NY Times article on Itanium costs and delays.
Roadmap The Register September 25, 2002 Intel eases up in race to 10GHz.
Prescott architecture September 22, 2002 Prescott: the answer to AMD's Hammer?
Northwood Electronic News January 7, 2002 Northwood $55 per die, Willamette $100, and PIII $40.
Pentium 4 architecture EE Times December 14, 2000 Intel muted ambitious Pentium 4 design.
Itanium Computing Canada July 6, 1994 New HP-Intel pact could hit PC clones hard.