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This site contains miscellaneous links to various bits of computer hardware information which I find interesting. Most of the links are related to CPUs. I made this list primarily for my own reference, but feel free to have a look yourself. Be warned that you may find this list uninteresting, incomplete, silly, ridiculous, ugly, hard to read, or all of the above. I do not claim that all of the information contained in the links is 100% accurate or completely unbiased. Viewer discretion is advised. There are no scheduled updates to this site, although I expect new links to be added in the future.

-eRacer  4/20/06

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Video Card

Video card specs 3D Chipset Specifications Chart
GeForce GTX Hardware-Infos May 26, 2008 Rumored specs of upcoming GTX 280 and GTX 260.
Performance Digit-Life May 14, 2008 Analysis of how changes in CPU clock, GPU clock, GPU shader clock and GPU memory clock affect performance in modern games.
Market share X-bit labs April 13, 2007 Video card market share and absolute numbers by price range.
Interview ExtremeTech March 14, 2007 Interview with ATI's (AMD's) Phil Rogers.
Market share X-bit labs February 5, 2007 Video card market share in Q4 2006.
Market share X-bit labs December 29, 2006 Discrete video card share by price range.
R600 HARDSPELL November 25, 2006 R600 die pictures.
G80 Tom's Hardware November 29, 2006 GeForce 8800GTX performance on Intel and AMD CPUs.
G80 The Mercury News November 8, 2006 Nvidia Launches The G80 Graphics Chip; An Interview With Jen-Hsun Huang.
DX10 GPUs PC Watch July 27, 2006 DX10 GPU speculation and comparison to previous generations.
ATI buyout Bytesector July 24, 2006 NVIDIA's Derek Perez expects NVIDIA to become closer with Intel as a result of AMD's purchase of ATI.
Radeon DailyTech June 8, 2006 Three HIS concept Radeons (PCI Express x1, AGP/PCIe).
Market share TMCnet May 19, 2006 Q1 2006 graphics share. Intel and ATI up.
Quad-SLI performance X-bit labs April 30, 2006 Quad-SLI 7900 GX2 benchmarked.
Intel G965 graphics HKEPC April 24, 2006 Intel G965 chipset to support at least some DirectX 10 features.
GPU heat VR-Zone March 10, 2006 Power consumption of several high-end video cards.
SLI compatibility X-bit labs November 18, 2005 NVIDIA not interested in getting SLI to work with Intel 975X chipset.
Architecture PC Perspective March 11, 2004 Images of AGP RV360 and PCI-E RV380 cores compared.
ATI benchmarks December 17th, 2003 ATi video card benchmark comparison.
Benchmarks Digit-Life December 8, 2003 80 Video Cards of 1999-2003: 3D Benchmarking.
ATI architecture Chipworks December 3, 2003 Low-k delamination and the Radeon 9600 XT.