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Welcome to Southern Shadow a site dedicated to Rogue from the T. V. series X-Men: Evolution. Rogue is a teenager with the power to absorb people's memories and mutant powers. She is an insecure, sometimes sarcastic goth, who tries to deal with the fact that she cannot touch a single living being without robbing them of their memories and abilities. Southern Shadow has been one of the oldest X-Men: Evolution Rogue shrines around. This site provides information, interactives, and more about Rogue. Please feel free to look around.


Fan Art Page Back Up
It's been a long time, but the Fan Art section is finally back up. Enjoy!
Posted on 5 Oct 2010

New Layout!
Southern Shadow has been revamped and updated! Complete with a new layout, I've gone through and reorganized and recoded a lot of the site. There are still a few things I'm working on including the fan art and "other" page, and there's still some more reorganizing to be done. Please be patient. I will have these updated soon so please check back!
Posted on 13 Jan 2010

New Page Added
I added a history page to Southern Shadow that gives a bit of information about this web site's past. It includes how I started it, when it was started, little known facts about the site, and previews of Southern Shadow's past layouts. Enjoy!
Posted on 01 Feb 2008

Site Maintenance
Just did a bit of site clean up today. Updated a few of the pages for grammatical and coding errors. I'll be doing that repeatedly this month or next. If you happen to see any errors anywhere on Southern Shadow, please let me know.

Posted on 20 Jan 2008

Good News
I have some good news to report today. Kataclysm's X-Men Evolution page has kindly offered to host Southern Shadow and Women of X-Men Evolution. I decided to accept the offer, and will be moving both my websites over there very soon. Please updated your bookmarks or websites with the new url:

Southern Shadow:
Women of X-Men Evolution:
Posted on 25 Sep 2007

This site is kindly hosted by Kataclysm's X-Men Evolution Page