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Strategy X:
• The first episode of the first season. We see Scott and Jean at a football game. A football player puts the moves on Jean, and Scott gets a little jealous. He is distracted though when he sees Toad pick-pocketing money. Some football players go and try to beat up Toad, but Scott stops them, and uses his powers. The Professor helps make people forget what they saw. Later, we see Storm and the Professor at the train station picking up Kurt Wagner, the newest member of the team. As he arrives home he is uncertain about his appearance, but the Professor gives him an image inducer. Also, Scott tries to get Toad to join the X-Men, but after a test run with Storm and Kurt, and accidentally entering the Danger Room, he decides not to join and leaves.

The X Impulse:
• In this episode another member joins the X-Men. It is Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. At first, she is confused by her power and doesn't know what to do. Jean Grey tries to help her, but Lance Alvers/Avalanche also tries to win her over to his side. Eventually Lance uses Kitty to get test scores, and Kitty finds that wrong. She tries to leave him, but Lance crashes the school. Jean helps save Kitty and her parents try to help Kitty make the right decision. In the end Kitty joins the X-Men, and Lance joins the Brotherhood.

Rogue Recruit:
• The very first appearance of Rogue (our star). Rogue has just discovered her powers when her skin touches a boy named Cody. Afraid of all the memories that flood her mind, she runs away only to be even more confused by Mystique(who disguises herself as the x-men so that Rogue does not trust the X-Men). During the episode Rogue absorbs some of the X-Men's powers, Storm's and Kurt's abilities are two of them. It makes her even more confused because she has no clue what the heck is happening to herself. In the end Rogue runs to Mystique for shelter, but not for long...

Mutant Crush:
• A new mutant, Fred Dukes a.k.a. Blob, gets a crush on Jean Grey. He kidnaps her, and Rogue helps out by taking Scott's power to get rid of Blob. In this episode she also was to do a play rehearsal with Scott. It is interesting because it shows how Rogue is starting to trust the X-Men.

Speed and Spyke:
• Here a new mutant joins the X-Men team. It is Ororo's nephew Evan Daniels who can shoot boney spikes. There is a rivalry between him and another mutant, Quicksilver/Pietro. As Scott and Jean try to recruit Spyke, Pietro attacks them many times. Eventually Evan joins the X-Men, and Pietro joins his dear old dad's team... the Brotherhood. Rogue is shown slightly sitting in a chair with Toad looking at her.

• Forge makes an appearance here. Kurt teleports into Forge's old secret lab. As he enters it he activates the self destruct button, and the lab explodes. Rogue, who was just outside, is there when the lab explodes. Kurt and Rogue both find a strange device. Rogue accidentally activates it, and Kurt gets ported through a different dimension where he meets Forge. Kurt and Forge keep trying to escape and eventually Rogue tells Scott and Jean were Kurt has been and what has happened. The Brotherhood also discover the strange machine and want to have it for themselves. The X-Men and Brotherhood fight for it, excluding Rogue. Eventually Kurt and Forge get free, and all is happy again, except for Rogue who still tries to decide if the X-Men are her friends or not.

Turn of the Rogue:
• This episode focuses on Rogue and Scott's relationship, and how Rogue finally understands her powers. Jean and Scott were suppose to go on a Geology field trip, but Mystique thinks that Rogue should go in place of Jean. That was a bad mistake because Rogue got closer to Scott, which in turn, made Rogue find out the truth about the X-Men. So in the end she finally joins the X-men.

• Evan has to make a film project for a make-up. Rogue and Kitty also compete by trying out for the school play. In the middle of the episode Sabertooth tracks down Wolverine thanks to Spyke's video camera. Sabertooth tries twice to attack. The second time is when Rogue and Kitty are dancing to music while Spyke videotapes them. Rogue absorbs Sabertooth's powers, and turns into a furry creature for a while. At the end both Rogue and Kitty get the part for the play and the episode ends with them playing on stage.

Survival of the Fittest:
• The x-men go on a field trip into the wilderness. The Brotherhood also come along to make things worse for the X-Men. Eventually they end up in a competition to get a flag. Their contest is interrupted when Storm informs them that Professor X and Mystique are in trouble because Juggernaut (who is Charles's half-brother) is attacking the institute. So the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up to stop Juggernaut from attacking their respected leaders. Rogue is shown in various places throughout this episode. At one point she and Kitty unlatch Juggernaut's helmet so that the Professor may knock him out with mind bolts.

Shadowed Past:
• Rogue keeps having dreams of a baby and its mother being chased by a dark figure. She seems to think it is Kurt and the Professor probes her mind to find out. We find out that it is not Kurt's memories of the past, but rather Mystique's memories that Rogue absorbed in the Turn of the Rogue episode. In this episode we find out that Mystique is Kurt's mother.

Grim Reminder:
• In this episode, we find out a bit about Logan's past. Apparently a chip in his brain tracks him back to Canada to find a insane professor, and Sabertooth his arch enemy. Kitty and Kurt tag along, accidentally. Kitty and Kurt help Logan get through his past experiences, and help him get rid of the chip in his mind. Before they leave, Logan blows up the laboratory which was conducting a project known as Weapon X.

The Cauldron pt. 1:
• The episode that closed the first season. Magneto wants to finally bring the strongest mutants together in his plan for homo-sapien superiority. The X-men and the Brotherhood fight against each other to see who is the best and who should take their place on Asteroid M. In this episode we also get to see Scott and his brother Alex re unite. Rogue has a short appearance. She fights along with Kurt and Kitty to help survive the Brotherhood's attacks. She wins the battle (only because she once was with the Brotherhood) and is taken to Asteroid M along with Storm and Jean.

The Cauldron pt.2:
• The concluding part to the first X-Men: Evolution season. More is explained in this episode. Magneto wants to enhance mutants to their full potential so that they can control their powers. Scott and Alex go through the enhancer, but find out it is not worth it. Rogue helps out somewhat. At one point she absorbs Pietro's powers and uses it to hurry about and get everyone out safely after the Asteroid is exploding. The rest of the X-Men also join in helping to destroy the asteroid and escape.

Growing Pains:
• The first episode of the next season. Scott is forced to use his powers to save a school bus of children. He gets upset that he cannot use his powers and thinks somewhat that the world should know about mutants. The Brotherhood thinks they should know too, so during a soccer game they reveal themselves. Using their powers, they destroy the soccer filed. The X-Men help get ride of the Brotherhood, and luckily the Professor brain washes everybody's minds so that they do not remember anything. Also seen in this episode is the new mutants. Rogue is shown during the beginning making a new friend named Risty(who really is Mystique), and she even takes Blob's powers when they try to stop the Brotherhood.

Power Surge:
• Jean's powers evolve, but they are too much for her to control. She tries to deal with them, but eventually they get the best of her. The X-Men try to help her before she tears down the whole Institute. Rogue offers to help her by taking her powers so that she can concentrate and control her powers. It works, and Jean is saved. At the end Scott asks Rogue why she helped Jean, and Rogue replies, "You'd do the same thing for me." Scott tells her that we all would.

Badda Bing Badda Boom:
• Tabitha Smith, a.k.a. Boom Boom, stars along with Kurt/Nightcrawler. After Boom Boom messes up her training session, in which she also gets Kurt in trouble, the both of them get grounded and cannot go to the school fair. However, that's the least of her problems when Tabitha's no good of a father shows up wanting to use her, and her powers, to steal money from the school. Tabitha wants her father to stay away from her, so she does what her father asks. The X-Men get involved once they discover that Tabitha was helping her father. After everything, Tabitha's father gets arrested. She gets upset by what has happened, and tells the Professor that it isn't a good fit being with the X-Men, and leaves to join the Brotherhood.

Fun N Games:
• The Professor is called away after some malfunctions that happened where Juggernaut is held. While he goes away, he leaves Scott and Jean in charge. The other X-Men decide to have a party, and drag Scott and Jean away so that they can have one. However, a surprise guest comes and messes with Cerebro and activates the Danger Room. Rogue, Shadowcat, Spyke, and Nightcrawler try to turn off the Danger Room before the party guests find out. However, Defcon 4 is activated and the whole Institute goes under some security thing. Scott and Jean arrive to find this out. They enter the Institute the hard way, and eventually stop the kid who messed with Cerebro. When the Professor arrives back he tells them that there is plenty of blame to go around because of our "mystery guest" who turned out to be Mystique(Risty) wanting to get Cerebro's files for someone, and caused the whole Professor to leave, etc.

Beast of Bayville:
• Hank McCoy is introduced as Beast. As Hank tries to control his mutation, he goes haywire and the X-Men try to help stop the damage that Hank is causing throughout the city. Rogue is shown throughout the episode with Storm and Kurt as the three try to help Mr. McCoy. At the beginning, Rogue is training in the Danger Room with the rest of the X-Men, but she gets hit because Spyke didn't show up in time to cover Rogue's back. All is well again when Hank regains control(thanks to Spyke) and joins the X-Men.

• Scott and his brother Alex go on a vacation to surf. However, things do not go well when an unexpected storm hits the seas. Scott and Alex get shipwrecked, and must use their brains and there powers to stay alive. When the Professor finds out, he, Ororo, and Jean take off to rescue them. Storm holds off a twister at one point which was really cool, and Jean raised them out of the water, and into the jet. Aside from the main plot, we also see some of the new mutants playing in the snow with Beast.

On Angel's Wings:
• Rogue actually stars in this Christmas theme episode along side with Scott. Warren Worthington/Angel is introduced. He goes around saving people's lives and fighting crime. The Professor sends Rogue and Scott to find him to try and recruit him. However, someone else has plans for Warren. That man is Magneto. This is the first time we see him in the second season. Rogue and Scott finally find Angel, at a church. All three try to fight against Magneto, and Rogue takes Magneto's powers. She chases after him, and is almost killed when Magneto throws her against a huge building that explodes. However, Angel is there to save the day and all is well again, but Angel does not join the X-Men (not yet at least ^_^).

African Storm:
• This episode actually focuses on Ororo a.k.a. Storm. Ororo is being hunted down by her old African tribe. The leader tries to control Storm so that he can use her powers. At times Ororo is shown in small places(note she has claustrophobia)and panics. The X-Men try to save her, and at one point Rogue makes a cool swing around a poll and kicks one African dude's butt. Also, Risty(who is really Mystique) almost blows her cover when she said Ororo had claustrophobia, but Rogue never told her that. Evan(Storm's nephew) helps to break the stone that is controlling Storm and she uses her powers to get ride of the evil African tribe.

• In this episode, we get to see some show time for the new recruits. Bobby/Iceman, Jubilee, and Samuel/Cannonball all take joyride's in each of the X-vehicles. They even take the X-Jet, but luckily Kitty and Lance are there to save their butts. We see romance between Kitty and Lance. Lance even joined the X-Men, but left at the end. When the new recruits are training, we see Rogue being a "victim". Lance was suppose to save her, but saved Kitty instead. Rogue wasn't happy and pushed him and Kitty back into the water. In the end, Iceman, Jubilee, and Cannonball all get punished for their actions.

Walk on the Wild Side:
• Jean, Rogue, Kitty, Tabitha, and Amara all form a group of female crime fighters known as the Bayville Sirens. It all starts when Tabitha and Amara stop a thief from stealing a car. Later, Jean, Rogue and Kitty join in. It goes pretty good for a while until the girls finally get to the ring leader who steals the cars. They find out that they steal cars for their car parts. The Sirens attack the thieves, and win. Scott and Kurt help out by blasting a car out of the way before it explodes, but the girls don't know that. Rogue has a few parts in this episode. She knocks out a couple of guys, and complains about dressing near a toll booth guy. Mystique(in disguise) gets the girls to stop being the Bayville Sirens. In the end, Jean talks to Scott about how it felt great to use their powers to help people, and hopes someday they will be able to. The great thing about this episode is that it has its own little music video which is pretty cool to see.

Operation Rebirth:
• In this episode a secret military weapon known as Rebirth has been stolen. It's up to Logan to track it down. We get to see some of Logan's past which goes back to World War II. Captain America makes an appearance as does S.H.I.E.L.D . Eventually we find out that Logan was in the army with Captain America and even saved Magneto from the prison camps when he was younger. We also find out that Magneto has the Rebirth, and Rogue and Kurt go with Logan to destroy it. What they find out is that Magneto needed it to live. At the end, Magneto has Logan, Rogue, and Kurt in his hands, and decides to let them live because he said this: "However, you spared my life, so I'll spare yours. There's a small boy in Poland who owes you that much." At the end, Logan goes to visit a dying friend.

• At the beginning Jean disappears. They discover that Jean stole an artifact, and they try to get her back. One night she comes back for Kurt. Both seem to be hypnotized zombies. They go to the Bayville bank and steal another artifact thing. Scott and Logan try to go after them, but fail. Then Jean somehow makes Kitty and Evan turn in to mindless zombies. The four go to a museum and steal the last artifact. The rest of the X-Men, which consists of Rogue, Scott, Beast, and Wolverine, all go to the Circus to try and meet Jean, Kurt, Kitty, and Evan so that they can help them out. Wolverine makes interesting comments about not wanting to hurt Kitty, but she kicks Logan in the knees. Rogue drains Jean's powers, but before Rogue does, Jean throws a little bag containing the three artifacts to a mysterious person known as Mesmero. The Professor tries to get a hold of Mesmero's mind, but fails. At the end, Jean, Kitty, Kurt, and Evan are back as themselves. Rogue helps the Professor, and uses Jean's powers to cut a tent(where Mesmero was) in half, but discovers that Mesmero left. We find out that Mesmero was trying to open one of three gates for... you guessed it, Apocalypse.

• In this one, the X-Men find out more about Kurt's teleportation powers, thanks to Forge. It seems Kurt passes through another dimension when he teleports. At first Kurt liked seeing the dimension, but when Logan goes with Kurt on the second time around, strange dinosaur-like creatures attack him. Kurt gets afraid and quits the experiment. However, it's not all over yet. It seems the portal between the dimension and Earth did not close, which allows the creatures to come through, and terrorize the place. This happens while the X-Men are at a school dance. They use their powers to try and stop the creatures, and Forge helps get the creatures back where they belong. Rogue is shown in another cool outfit in this episode, and tries to fight off one of the creatures, but Risty/Mystique chases him away with a fire extinguisher. Rogue is also shown in this episode being jealous at Scott because she couldn't ask him to the dance, and because of her powers, which is cute in some ways.

• Hank McCoy has some trouble dealing with his appearance, so he takes some of the students out in to the wilderness for some peace and quiet. They discover that they are not the only ones out there. Hunters who mistake Beast for Big Foot capture him. Kitty, Evan, Bobby, Rahne, and Roberto, all chip in and help save Beast, and the others before a huge river floods them all. Then the mutants scare off the hunters and return home safely. At the end, Beast tells them that, "We are who we're meant to be."

HeX Factor:
• Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch first appears in this episode. Thanks to Mystique(who finally comes back to the brotherhood) Wanda is now free from the institution, and causes heck everywhere. Mystique uses Wanda to defeat the X-Men in a battle at the Mall. Rogue is shown fighting, and at one point takes Toad's powers and uses it to help Scott. In the end, the Brotherhood wins, but Wanda is not happy. She wants revenge on the one person who caused all of her anger... her father... Magneto.

Day of Reckoning pt.1:
• The first part of the season finale. Wolverine gets captured, and it's up to the X-Men to find him. They believe that Magneto has him, and they all train to fight Magneto. the Professor, who acts quite strange, even makes the Brotherhood help them. Scott gets upset, and leaves. We find out that Logan was taken for some experiment for a new prototype robot called... the Sentinel. The X-Men finally pick up on Logan's healing powers, and go to some abandoned buildings. Meanwhile, as the X-Men and Brotherhood are out fighting, someone sets the mansion to self destruct, with the new mutants in it. Amara is the only one who gets out, and along with Tabitha, who shows up, they find Scott, and start to take action.

Day of Reckoning pt.2:
• the second part to this two part finale. The X-Men meet up with some new mutants known as Pyro, Colossus, and Gambit. They fight with them, hoping to get to Magneto. The best part of this episode is when Rogue meets up with Gambit. The two stare in each others eyes for a bit, before Gambit leaves. Rogue also takes Beast's powers to help get Sabertooth off his back. Wanda/Scarlet Witch, finds Magento, and everyone goes after him, but before they can, Magneto brings the Sentinel out to play. As the two teams try to fight it, they get caught by news cameras. The Sentinel seems to be winning by capturing the mutants. However,after getting most of the X-Men and Brotherhood, it sees Magneto and goes after him. Mangeto cannot defend himself this time once Wanda got a hold of him with her powers. Before the sentinel sends two missiles, they backfire, hit the Sentinel, and destroys it once for good. the Professor makes everyone leave the scene before officials can get to them. Meanwhile, Scott, Amara, and Tabitha all go back to the mansion, and save the new recruits before the mansion blows up. At the end we find out that Mystique has hid the Professor somewhere, and has been behind some of these events all a long.

Day of Recovery:
• The first episode of the third season. As the two mutant teams(X-Men and Brotherhood) argue about the whereabouts of Professor Xavier, the police, military, and other government organizations track them to the Xavier Institute. They try to capture them, but Jean, Shadowcat, Iceman, and Nightcrawler get away in a police car. Most of the new mutants espace on foot, and Cyclops and Storm fly away. At night they all discuss more about mutants, humans, the Professor, and there captured comrades. At one point Nick Furry(S.H.I.E.L.D)comes and points them in the right direction so that they can rescue their friends. There is a short rivalry between Storm and Mystique. Eventually Mystique takes lead, and they all head off to Area 51.(In Nevada). There they save their comrades, but before Mystique exits Area 51, Scott leaves her behind because she will not tell them were Professor X is.

Stuff of Heroes:
• Although all of the X-Men have been rescued, there is still the question of where the Professor is. On top of this, the X-Men still have to deal with people coming after them. In this episode Scott, and the X-Men disobey Wolverine's orders of attacking them. Believing that these government officials are not the enemy(except for Logan who does) they use there powers to escape, but do not harm them. Meanwhile, Storm and Beast go to Congress to help settle the mutant dilemma. As they discuss, they are interrupted by a mutant massacre with Juggernaut, who is loose. As the Congress, Storm, and Beast watch, the other X-Men, fight Juggernaut at the Hover Damn. Rogue eventually grabs a hold of Juggernaut's powers and memories, and defeats him. Rogue, from Juggernaut's memories, discovers that the Professor is where Juggernaut was being held at. They rescue the Professor, and the X-Men are cleared of all charges.

• In this episode the X-Men now have to deal with school. After the school board decides to let the X-Men come back to school for a trial run, the X-Men do not think it is such a good idea. The students and teachers there make fun of them. Kurt however, remains in his human form, and tries to hide his cover of being an X-Men. Kitty doesn't like it, and neither does Rogue. After seeing a dispute between Scott and Duncan, Principal Kelly invites the Brotherhood boys to come back to school as well, but only so that they can fight the X-Men, and prove that mutants are not safe. That night, there is a meeting about whether to let the X-Men stay in school or not. Jean Grey speaks for the mutants. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood stops the X-Men from getting inside the meeting. They fight, but the X-Men do not use their powers. Only after Avalanche starts to tear down the building, do the X-Men use their powers to help save the people. Because of this, they are allowed to keep attending school.

Stuff of Villians:
• Gambit actually stars in this one! He keeps going to the Brotherhood boys and tells them that Magneto wants them to go and bail Pietro out of jail. At first they try to ignore him, but eventually give in. Pietro was put in there by his loving sister Wanda, who did it so she could find Magneto. Rogue and Kitty tag a long, and help get rid of the Brotherhood, who terrorize the army for kidnapping Pietro. Rogue takes care of the Brotherhood, and Kitty frees Pietro just before the van falls off of the mountain, caused by Avalanche. In the end, the Brotherhood escapes, and so does Pietro. Rogue and Kitty are caught by the Army, but they do not arrest Rogue and Kitty because of their actions. When the Brotherhood are back at home, Gambit shows up again and introduces there new leader of the team, Pietro. Rogue and Kitty get detention at the end for skipping 6th period. For those who want to know, there wasn't really a big romance between Rogue and Gambit, but Gambit did call her Chere(or however you spell it). Which could hint in a future romance between them.

Blind Alley:
• Mystique escapes from Area 51 by using her powers, and goes out to get revenge by the one person who trapped her in there... Scott Summers. She lures him to Mexico by disguising herself as Alex. Scott goes to Mexico, only to see that it was really Mystique. She knocks him out with sleeping gas, and drags him to the middle of the desert. There Scott has trouble dealing with coyotes, and not being able to see. Eventually two oil(?) workers, find him, and take him into a city hospital. They force open his eyes, and Scott blasts the hospital. He flees, and runs into Mystique. They get in a big fight, but just before Mystique can give a final blow, Jean Grey rescues him and all is well. During this episode we see Jean and Scott's bond for each other grow, and by the end of the episode they are finally a couple. Rogue is show in a short scene getting upset at Spyke. It's cute how she still calls him Porcupine(spell check). This episode also shows all the mutants( even the new ones) working on restoring the mansion.

X-Treme Measures:
• As Evan's body grows, so does his powers. They begin covering his skin, and he finds it harder to control them. It gets worse when Evan participates in a skating competition promoting a new kind of sports drink. The Morlocks (their first appearance)know that this new sports drink is poisonous to mutants and try to trash the company. Callisto tries to warn Evan not to drink the Power 8(as it is called), but fails when Evan does drink it. He gets dizzy, and cannot control himself. Spikes shoot out and start destroying the skating park. Storm saves it though with her wind manipulation. The Morlocks take Evan down in the sewer, and heal him. They soon destroy the Power 8 company with Evan's help. Meanwhile, the X-Men try to find Evan, and Berzerker tells them where he is (based on Berzeker knowing the Morlocks). Storm, worried about Evan, eventually finds him. Evan tells her he's going to be with the Morlocks for awhile and that was it. Storm is heartbroken, but relieved he is safe. At the end, the president of Power 8 wants to start the company back up. He just found a good use for it...

The Toad, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:
• Magneto's plans to help Wanda forgive him take action as he uses a mutant to erase her memories of the past. He lures Wanda to a ski resort with the help of Pyro. There Mastermind erases her memories, and replaces them with newer, happy ones. Meanwhile, Toad, loving her as much as he does, wants to win her heart, so he steals Nightcrawler's image inducer(right in front of Amanda and her parents which embarrasses Kurt) and tries to disguise himself as really hot guys, but fails each time. Toad/Kurt end up rescuing Wanda, and in the end, Wanda does not hate her father anymore, and even thanks Toad for his help. On a side story, Amanda actually invites Kurt to visit her parents. Everything goes pretty much okay except for the fact that Kurt's image inducer is going haywire and he tries to hide it.

Self Possesed:
• This episode features our great heroine Rogue. Her powers are a little bit harder for her to control. Every person she's ever absorbed is fighting to take over her. The personalities of them, the powers of them, and the appearances of them are fighting to take over Rogue's life. At first it starts out light. Then at School, Rogue's Storm personality takes over, and lightning flings everywhere. Then at a concert that Rogue goes to, she absorbs Risty and finds out about Mystique. Sabertooth, and Juggernaut come next. Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Kitty all try to attack Rogue thinking that she really is Sabertooth and Juggernaut. As Rogue flees, Mystique tries to talk to her, but Rogue will not listen. Her powers act up again and now she acts as Arcade. Then Sabertooth again, and this time Logan shows up. He smells Rogue, and knows that Rogue is having trouble. As the X-Men come, she acts like Storm, and Cyclops, then Magneto, Jean, Kurt, and a new one, Multiple. She uses these powers against the X-Men, and make it impossible for them to help her. Eventually the Professor gets inside Rogue's mind and helps her. In the end, Logan doesn't leave Rogue's site because they share a bond with not knowing much about their pasts which is what Rogue has a hard time dealing with. Destiny shows up again, and tells Mystique that their futures lay in the hands of another mutant who will walk the Earth soon. Which means Apocalypse.

Under Lock and Key:
• This episode features the original five X-Men. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast, and Iceman. In the beginning Gambit steels half of an artifact from Angel's home. Angel then goes to the Xavier Institute to ask for help. Jean, Scott, Beast, Angel, and the Professor all go to find the other half of the artifact in London before Magneto and his gang does. Iceman tags a long and helps out. A big fight goes on in the museum, and eventually, the two artifacts come together and unleash a guardian spider. Magneto wants it destroyed. Colossus, Pyro, and Sabertooth all try to get rid of it, but Gambit finally succeeds in blowing up a tourist bus on the spider. Magneto ignores the Professor's warning not to destroy it, and destroys it anyway. The Professor, by reading Mesmero's mind(who was also in this episode), tells everyone that that Spider was a guardian to keep a even greater Mutant from returning to the world. He was known as... Apocalypse, and that was exactly what Mesmero wanted Magneto to do. To destroy the Spider for him and open the second gate. The great part about this episode was the Mutant baseball game that was going on. Everyone was using their powers which was cute. Rogue was featured in this episode for a bit too. She was still in the infirmary, and Kurt was taking care of her because he was being a little brother to her. At first Rogue didn't like the idea, but when Kurt left, a small smirk came across her face.

Cruise Control:
• The X-Men and new recruits get away from all the prejudice against them and go on a cruise. There no one knows they are mutants, but thanks to Tabitha (who "accidentally" sends a cherry bomb into someone's food) they are soon discovered and cannot go anywhere without getting a stare or two. Jean and Scott try to get some alone time, but are closely persuade by Kurt and Kitty. Jean and Scott fly away to a nearby island to try and get away, but Kurt and Kitty teleport there way there as well. Amara on the other hand isn't having such a good time. She is very sick, so Tabitha and Bobby take her to the same island by an "ice" boat. Once Amara makes contact with the earth she begins to feel better. When a huge volcano erupts, the X-Men can't help but use their powers to save the local village they are at. Expecting to be criticized, the villagers thank them instead and they become heroes. Meanwhile Storm gets upset when she finds out that the X-Men left the ship. She goes on a rampage and arrives at the island just when the volcano is about to erupt again. This time bringing lava and earthquakes. The X-Men try to hold back the lava and save the people, but it is no use. Amara, feeling like she caused the volcano to erupt because of her powers, decides she is the only one who can stop it, and she heads straight for the volcano. Storm arrives to find Amara controlling the lava to spew around her. Amara turns into her "lava" girl form and jumps into the lava pit just as the rest of the X-Men come to join Storm. They think she has died, but they soon discover that the ground is coming back together and the lava has cooled. The lava spits Magma back out and the X-Men are relieved she is safe.

• This episode deals more with Wolverine and his past. H.Y.D.R.A, a special agency like S.H.I.E.L.D, wanted to created a perfect weapon. They failed 22 times, but on the 23rd time, they perfected it because they knew of Weapon X, and used Wolverine's DNA to clone another person. X23 escapes and goes on a rampage to find Wolverine. In the process she (yes it is a girl) knocks out all of the X-Men including Professor X. In one scene, Scott and Berzerker find Rogue roaming around trying to find out what is going on. They find Logan, and X23 finds them. She baries Logan in rubble, and attacks the others. Rogue tries to touch X23, but fails and absorbs Scott and Berzerker. X23 takes the three out, and then goes after Logan. After some talking with Wolverine(and some fighting), X23 gives in just before S.H.I.E.L.D tries to come to the Institute and take her away. Logan defends her and Nick Furry leaves them alone. In this episode the new recruits are shown more. It is fun to see them as they try to withstand Logan sessions.

Dark Horizon pt.1:
• Rogue is hypnotized by Mesmero to absorb all of the X-Men's powers. She absorbs Professor X, Kitty, Jean, Kurt, etc. Later during school she is summoned by Mesmero and Mystique to go absorb all of the Brotherhood's powers. She knocks out Wanda, Lance, Fred, Todd, and Pietro without a sweat. Rogue is then taken to the Acolytes headquarters and easily absorbs Colossus, Sabertooth, and Pyro. She gives a little fight with Gambit, but in the end she kisses him and he is knocked out. Magneto is the last to fall after Gambit. The next day the X-Men attend the high school graduation of Scott and Jean. They want everything to go perfect, but their hope is shattered when Magneto and his gang show up. Magneto explains to Charles that Rogue is under Mesmero's control. Rogue is hypnotized again and levitates into the air and flies off attacking everyone with chairs. Knowing that it has to do with Apocalypse and the final door, the X-Men and the Acolytes team up and go to Egypt to try and prevent the door from opening. They end up in an ancient Egyptian tomb where they become trapped with huge stoned figures ready to attack them. Meanwhile Logan, Sabertooth, and Gambit go off to track Rogue down in hopes that she will come out of Mesmero's control.

Dark Horizon pt.2:
• The X-Men and Acolytes get separated into small groups after the giant statues wreck the tomb. Storm, Jean, and Iceman fight two stone statues. Jean gets knocked out and Bobby uses his ice to freeze one. Storm uses a good chunk of her powers to fight the other. Scott, Pyro, and Quicksilver try to find a way out, but Pietro leaves the two to take care of one statue while he finds a way out. Kurt, Kitty, and Colossus also try to find their way back. Kurt gets a bit jealous when Kitty tells Kurt that Colossus is a sweaty. As for the Professor, Magneto, and Beast they find scriptures that tell of Apocalypse's past. They discover they are not at the three doors, but instead find a machine (used by Apocalypse) called the "Eye of Ages". While the X-Men/Acolytes fight their way through the tomb, Logan, Gambit, and Sabertooth track Rogue down to Tibet. They are almost killed by Mesmero's mind bolts (but thanks to the prof's mind blocks they are saved). When Rogue, Mystique and Mesmero get to the final door, we find out Mystique is actually the key to opening the third door. She morphs into a cobra and slips in through a hole, places her hand on an alter, and then gets turned into stone. As Rogue goes to Apocalypse, Mesmero fights off Gambit, Logan, and Sabertooth. Logan finally reaches Rogue, but it is too late. Apocalypse absorbs Rogue's powers and Rogue is knocked out. Apocalypse now lives once again. As the X-Men/Acolytes find each other, they enter the "Eye of Ages" and thanks to the professor they are morphed to Tibet where Apocalypse and the rest are. When they arrive they find Apocalypse and try to attack, but Apocalypse is too strong. In the end he takes the eye of ages and leaves. Magneto comments before he passes out that they have failed in preventing Apocalypse's release. The Professor ends with, "And our greatest battle is just beginning."

• The season 4 opener starts off just where it left off in the third season. Apocalypse is loose, the X-Men try to gather more information about Apocalypse, Magneto is on a rampage to stop it nothing from letting Apocalypse rule the world, and Rogue is left hurt inside. Kurt is upset because his mother is turned to stone. He obtains the stoned Mystique from the Brotherhood house and tries to understand why Mystique became what she was (ie. "Why do you have so much hate inside?"). Rogue gets upset because Kurt will not leave her alone about Mystique, and Rogue has a hard time dealing with Mystique because of all she has done to her. While Kurt believes that Mystique is still alive and tries to find a way to heal her, The X-Men suit up and go to the Yucatan Peninsula where Apocalypse has been discovered creating a suspicious dome. They try to gather information, but do not succeed. Magneto discovers where Apocalypse is and tries to attack Apocalypse. Apocalypse easily takes Magneto and explodes him in to nothing. The X-Men think he is gone forever and Apocalypse goes back into the dome. In the end Kurt seeks advice from Agatha Harkness, and when Rogue is told she is the only one who can save Mystique, she pushes Mystique's stone figure off the cliff and she breaks into a million pieces. Kurt is left heartbroken and Rogue...well she's left depressed, hateful, and still trying to cope with what has happened to her.

No Good Deed: Summary written by James (TigerHawk)
• The Brotherhood are riding on the subway, everyone is pretty mellow except for Wanda, who is fixated on a man reading a newspaper, talking about the incident in Mexico. Pietro tries to explain to her what happened and how she should feel, which of course makes her angry. So angry that she bends the tracks ahead of the train. The train cannot stop in time and jumps the tracks onto the station. The train comes to rest on its side with everyone trapped inside. When Lance spots a leaking pipe, it causes a mad rush to get off the train. In the process, the Brotherhood make an opening in the side of the car to escape, and Lance rescues a lady that has fallen out of her wheelchair. The media and the X-men, who arrive on the scene just as the train blows up, are stunned to find that the Brotherhood has saved everyone. Later there is a media frenzy that ends with the lady Lance saved, (who happened to own the largest construction company in Bayville) giving the boys a check for $10,000. The money goes towards fixing the Brotherhood house and making "improvements" as well. This gives Pietro an idea to stay heroes to get more money. The Brotherhood start causing accidents to save the people who would otherwise get hurt. This is a big problem with Scott. The Brotherhood plan one last "miracle". They start a train collision, but it soon turns out to be more than they can handle. The X-men come to the rescue, with Jean, Kurt, and Kitty, trying desperately to stop the speeding passenger train from plowing into a stopped freight train. Kurt rescues the engineers, as Scott uncouples the cars. Kitty stays on the engine trying to phase it through, but only makes it through the first couple of cars and starts to loose control. She is grabbed by kurt as the train rematerializes and explodes. Jean tries to contain the explosion, but is having trouble until Lance creates a channel to transfer the explosion into thus saving nearby buildings. Back at the boarding house the Brotherhood watches as the repot men take everything back, including the big screen TV much to Toad's disapproval. Pietro tries to cheer everybody up by suggesting they ride the new subway. Which doesn't go over to well with the others, much to Pietro's dismay...

Target X:
• A simple game of cat and mouse in the woods... with Logan as the mouse. When Wolverine is caught and trapped by two strange men, he is taken away on an airplane. He exits the airplane and lands deep within the woods. There he is persuade by a man with a strange eye, and... Omega Red. X23 intervenes and saves Logan. She and Wolvie roam around the forest trying to loose Red and the man. X23 explains that Hydra lured Wolverine here in order to regain her. Logan tries to offer her to come back to the mansion where she will be safe, but all she wants is for Wolverine to leave before he gets hurt. Eventually Wolverine and X23 get captured and are taken to the base of the Hydra headquarters where we meet the leader of the operation "Miss Hydra". While Logan tries to escape Omega Red's wraith, X23 wants to blow up Hydra, and sacrifice herself in the process. She succeeds by placing bombs to explode the place up with "Miss Hydra" and the mysterious red-eyed man in it. The headquarters explodes just in time as Logan escapes. S.H.I.E.LD's Nick Furry arrives in time and asks Logan where X23 is. He replies that she didn't make it. As Wolive leaves, he picks up a sent, and smiles to himself. Our mysterious X23 watches as Logan leaves. On a side story Jean and Scott are now instructors, and try to teach the new recruits a thing or two about their powers.

Sins of the Son:
• It turns out that Charles Xavier has a long lost son who has been kidnapped by a scottish mutant. He, Storm, Jean, and Scott fly off to meat Charle's ex-wife, Gabrielle. There Jean meets a young boy named Ian whom David (Charle's son) has taken in to the care of. Jean follows Ian around until she runs into David's kidnapper, Lucas. He psychically knocks her out, and takes her away to his hideaway (which is an old abandoned castle along the sea). He tells her that David is locked away somewhere in the castle and she goes off in search of him. When Scott finds Jean missing he goes off to the castle in search for Jean. He runs into her, but he also runs into Lucas, who easily defeats Scott and hangs him on a wall. He traps Jean in a cell deep within the castle ruins. She escapes using her telekinesis and finds David. She frees him and they make their way out of the dungeon. David tells her that the reason Lucas kidnapped him was to get Charles here so he could prove that he was a more powerful telepath. Meanwhile Storm, Professor X, and Gabrielle go in search of Ian, and eventually find him. The Professor pries his mind and discovers he is working for Lucas. They make their way to the castle and find Scott, Jean, and David. It is discovered that David has multiple personalities (?) and is in truth both Ian and Lucas. The Professor uses his telepathy and tries to help David get rid of Lucas and Ian. Just when he thinks he rids the personas, everyone finds out that the Professor made a mistake and actually trapped Ian and David inside. Now Lucas, who tricked the Proffessor, is free and leaves. He thanks him for helping him and the Professor is devastated that he lost his son before he even knew him.

• It starts of with Lucid (the frog like morlock who can see through objects) trying to get food for the Morlocks via a dumpster. Some people find Lucid and attack, but Spyke intervenes. It is noted that Spyke is covered in a bony-scale-shield thing. He uses spikes that he can make flammable to chase away the teens. In this episode there is a lot of tension with Mutants and Humans. We see Duncan for the first time in Season 4 as he tries to cause trouble with Magma and Cannonball. Spyke again intervenes and blows up Duncan's car. Meanwhile the X-Men are trying to find more information about Apocalypse and the mysterious domes. They discover of Evan's recent actions and the Professor sends Logan off to talk to Evan, but nothing results from their talk. Evan later decides that mutant shouldn't be treated lower that humans and so surfaces the streets and goes to a local grocery store to buy food. Things don't go smoothly as people make fun of a little boy mutant (named Darian Leech) As the customers try to capture the boy Evan comes in and stops the fight, leaves money for the food, and leaves. Duncan decides to really tick off the mutants this time by placing explosives in the sewers were the Morlocks dwell. This makes Evan angry so he, Callisto, and her groups of Morlocks go off to fight Duncan and his men. Storm, Jean, Scott, and Logan try to stop the fight but are dragged into it. When the little boy, Darian, sees what is happening between the X-Men, Morlocks, and the humans, he goes off to stop it. Something with his powers cuts off everything, including everyone's mutant powers. In the end, Evan is still mad and goes back into the sewers were he will remain. There is, in this episode, a hint of the Sentinels returning. Nick Furry tells Trask that the government is to release him and star his sentinels program up again to help solve the problem of Apocalypse's domes.

Cajun Spice:
• Rogue is still trying to come to terms with Mystique and her own powers. Believing that everyone is using her, there are rumors going around that she may leave the institute for awhile. Although Kurt is upset with Rogue, he still cares for her, and when Rogue doesn't show up for school, he begins to get worried. When Rogue is on her way to school, she is kidnapped by Remy. He knocks her out with sleeping gas, and when she awakes she discovers she is on a train to Louisiana during Madris Gras. Remy tells Rogue he has been watching Rogue, and is trying to help her deal with her recent traumas. Rogue learns a bit about Remy and why he uses a deck of cards as weapons. He tells her it's like having 52 explosives and also that he saves the Queen of Hearts for last because she is his lucky lady. When Rogue and Remy arrive in Louisiana, they go to a diner and Rogue learns a little about Remy and his father. (Just the fact that he does not like him) Julian, an old rival of Remy, shows up. Both Remy and Rogue fight him and his gang off. Rogue absorbs Julian's powers and finds out that Remy use to be a member of the Thieve's Guild. After their fight, Remy goes off in search of his father, but not without Rogue's help. Because she absorbed Julian she now knows the way to enter their hideout and rescue Remy's father. Meanwhile Kurt getting more worried about Rogue's disappearance, decides to look for her. Logan knowing that Gambit had something to do with this goes to the Acolytes headquarters and asks Pyro where he is. Pyro doesn't know, but Professor X soon discover where Rogue is thanks to Cerebro detecting Gambit's powers. Logan, Storm, Scott, and Kurt set off to Louisiana in search of her. As Rogue and Remy make their way into the hideout, Rogue suddenly pounces on Remy to get them both out of view of a security camera. As they both get up, Remy's finger accidentally touches Rogue's face. She discovers that Remy was just using her in order to help get Jean Luc out. Furious she leaves and Remy goes in after his father. He finds him, and as they try to make their escape they are caught by more members of the Rippers (the enemies of the Thieve's Guild). Just as they are cornered by some men Rogue comes back and knocks them out. They make their way out just as the X-Men show up. Rogue, Remy, and Jean Luc escape in a boat and are soon chased by more members of the Rippers down the Louisiana swamps. Logan, Scott, and Kurt get into the X-Raft and follow Rogue to help her. Eventually Storm intervenes with her powers and defeats the Rippers. Rogue, Remy, and Jean Luc are saved. Rogue finally decides, thanks to Remy, that she will stay with the X-Men. She tells Remy that he did the wrong thing for the right reason. Before Remy leaves, he gives her his last and final card The Queen of Hearts to Rogue hopefully showing a start of a friendship between the two. Maybe even more than friends...

Ghost of A Chance:
• This halloween based episode guest stars Danielle Moonstar. Kitty, Rogue, Sam, Bobby, Wolverine, and Roberto go motocrossing in a canyon. Rogue and Kitty get paired up to motocrossed. Kitty is not the motocrossed type and slows Rogue down. Rogue decides to ignore her and run ahead without thinking of Kitty's safety. Rogue regrets that later when Kitty loses control over her bike. She makes a wrong turn and plumits off the cliff. She is rescued by a stranger who turns out to be a mutant by the name of Danielle. She is taken to the institute in order to help harness her own form of telepathic illusions that she can create. Things go bad for Danielle on a new recruits training. The training causes her to become upset and angry. She creates illusions in the X-Men's heads that terrify them. After the incident Danielle thinks she is getting in trouble and will not be accepted into the institute. Kitty ties to reassure her, being the good friend she is, and just when she thinks she reassured Danielle, Kitty wakes up the next morning to find Danielle never existed in the first place. Kitty knows Danielle is real however. Finally after a few more short illusions of Danielle trying to tell Kitty to help her, Kitty decides to go back to the canyon where she first met Danielle. After discovering that Danielle disappeared in the canyon two years ago and never returned, Kitty decides to phase deep within the canyon in hopes of finding her. Kitty finds Danielle in a deep coma or sleep and rescues her. It turns out Danielle wandered into the canyons and got trapped. She used her powers to keep her alive and for two years asked for help but no one would. Danielle then was able to reach out to Kitty and because Kitty made such a strong bond of friendship with Danielle she was able to rescue her. A side story between Logan, Sam and motocrossed also happened. Sam was good at motocrossed and Logan challenged him to it. They were interrupted when Kitty got injured, but Sam tricked Logan into having a rematch. Sam was winning for awhile, but showed of with his powers and Logan won the race.

Ascension part 1:
• The conclusion of the Apocalyptic storyline ends here in the two part season 4 finale (yes I know it was a short season). Apocalypse has uncovered a third domed pyramid. The X-Men track down the abandoned accomplice of Apocalypse, Mesmero. Jean and the Professor read his mind to find out the true reason behind the domes. It appears Apocalypse wants to speed up the evolution by triggering the x-gene in normal humans. The bad part about it is that most would not survive the evolution. The Professor decides to go find Apocalypse and talk to him much to Jean's dismay. The Professor and Storm head off to Egypt were Apocalypse is. He tries to reason with Apocalypse, but fails. Apocalypse takes Professor X and "banishes" him like he did with Magneto. Storm tries to help out, but she too is "banished" away. The X-Men are watching this through a camera on the X-Jet, and when they see that both Storm and the Professor have gone, they are in shock (Jean breaks down crying). Just before the X-Men can retaliate, Nick Furry (S.H.I.E.L.D) comes in an reveals to the X-Men that the Sentinel program has been re launched. The sentinels try to ward off Apocalypse as well as destroy the dome pyramids. While Apocalypse easily defeats the sentinels, he reveals his four horsemen Professor X, Storm, Mystique, and Magneto. They each go off to protect the other three domes from the sentinels. The X-Men now have no choice but to fight the biggest battle of their lives ever in this series.

Ascension part 2
• This conclusion to the two part season finale is basically four battles raging on. While Wolverine, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler try to prevent Apocalypse from completing his scheme, the rest of the X-Men are left to fight off Professor X, Storm, and Magneto. Not only do the X-Men help, but Spyke (Morlocks), Alex Masters (Havok), Angel, Colossus, and Wanda pitch in. Jean, Colossus, Magma, Boom Boom, and Multiple try to fight Professor X. Shadowcat, Wanda, Angel, Havok, and Sunspot fight off Magneto. Spyke, Beast, Iceman, and Berzerker fight off Storm. Mystique is left with Wolverine, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler. The four horsemen have had their powers amplified greatly and it makes it harder for the mutants to attack them. It seems that no hope is in store for everyone as Apocalypse is just about to start his evolution. But then just before Magneto kills his own daughter, Wanda, the Brotherhood show up and rescue Wanda. But even that does not stop the four horsemen. While Jean battles it out with the Professor mind to mind, A Storm furry rages on in China (Storm is in China). When Beast tells Wolverine that they cannot win, Wolverine still has one more play left. Rogue. Our Rogue arrives at the pyramid were Apocalypse is located. She absorbs Leeches powers to turn off energy, and with the help of Cannonball, files off to help Wolverine. Just before Mystique is to give the killer blow to Wolvie, her powers are taken away from here. Rogue continues on to the main room where Apocalypse is just about to cover the world in an energy field that will trigger x-genes in humans. Again when all hope seems to have been lost, Rogue turns off the energy and traps Apocalypse in his own machine (much like the first time when he was betrayed by his followers). Storm, Mystique, Magneto, and the Professor have been relieved from Apocalypse's mind control. Finally... the world is safe again...thanks to Rogue (^_^).