Southern Shadow


Rogue Real Name: unknown
Team Affiliation: X-Men
Age: 15 at the beginning of the series, 17 at the end
Origin: Caldecott County, Mississippi
Current Residence: Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Birth date: unknown
Hair: brown/brunette with white streaks
Eyes: Ggreen
School title: Sophomore at the beginning of the series, Junior at the end of the series
Power: Absorbs the life force of people and mutants
Allies: X-Men, Risty (season 2)
Enemies: Mystique, Brotherhood
Rogue's classes: Speech, European History, French, Geometry, Gym (with other X-Men) and Biology.
Hobbies and pastimes: horseback riding, guitar and cooking (Cajun, Southern).
Favorite music: Garbage, gangsta rap, Marilyn Manson and Korn.

Rogue grew up in Mississippi. Unlike the voluptuous bombshell Rogue was in the comics, the 15-year-old is insecure and uncertain about her newly found power. She was living with Irene Adler/Destiny until her mutant powers manifested at a school dance. There a boy named Cody asked Rogue for a dance. Reluctant at first, Rogue eventually agreed. By accident Cody tripped, knocking him and Rogue to the floor. When Cody tried to help Rogue up he touched her skin and within moments Cody was lying on the floor unconcious. Confused and frightened, Rogue fled the scene. She ended up in a graveyard and encountered the X-Men who were trying to help. Mystique made matters worse for Rogue by disguising herself as the X-Men in hopes to fool Rogue into believing the X-Men were dangerous.

Rogue ran off to live with the Brotherhood of Mutants for a while but was somewhat drawn to the X-Men, mostly through Scott. During a Geology field trip she found out that Mystique was actually Principal Darkholme in disguise. With all the lies Mystique had been telling Rogue, she decided to clear her head by absorbing Mystique's memories in order to find out the truth. When she did, she left the Brotherhood to join the X-Men realizing Mystique was the real enemy.

She developed a crush on Scott for a while, but knew there would be nothing between them once Jean and Scott confessed feelings for each other. She was also close to Kurt and, despite her cheerfulness, Kitty. It was revealed that Mystique was Kurt's birth mother, and eventually Rogue's adopted mother making Kurt and Rogue related. It was hard for her to come to terms with this knowledge, but remains close to Kurt nonetheless.

During the series, Rogue touched so many people that it started getting crowded in her head. She had difficulty controlling her powers and once it became too much, she went into a total frenzy. Past memories resurfaced, confusing her, and mutant powers of those she touched tried to dominate. Along with the X-Men's help Rogue was able to suppress the many life forces, but it left Rogue weak and vunerable. A mutant named Mesmero took advantage of this and used mind control on Rogue to obtain one of the final keys needed to release a deadly mutant named Apocalypse. Mesmero led her to Apocalypse himself, where he was released and then absorbed all of Rogue's powers within her to make himself stronger. Rogue again was left weak and depressed at what she had done fealing guilty for Apocalypse's release and the supposed disappearances of Mystique, Magneto, Professor X, and Storm. Rogue got revenge though with the help of a mutant boy named Leech who could turn off mutant powers. She used her powers to absorb Leech's powers and trap Apocalypse in his own mechanism and defeat him. Finally Rogue had understood her deadly powers could be used for good, and once things were restored, Rogue was able to turn her back on Mystique for good and begin living her own life.

Rogue's mutant power keeps her from touching other's skin normally. If skin-on-skin contact occurs she steals memories, thoughts, personalities, skills, and any mutant powers present. Rogue must wear something over her skin in order to prevent her powers from taking other's life force. This is difficult for Rogue because she has to battle many "personalities" within her own head. Often she looses her sense of self and struggles to keep them all under control. Her powers also cause her to be isolated. Rogue truly yearns to get close to someone without her powers getting in between.