Southern Shadow


Name: Scot Summers
Age: 18
Code Name: Cyclops
Powers: Optic Blasts from eyes
Relationship: Scott is the leader of the X-Men. His relationship to Rogue is closer than others. Rogue had a slight crush on Scott, but ever since he and Jean became a couple, Rogue might turn to someone else to crush on. Scott is probably the only one who understand's Rogue's feelings of not being able to touch people. He respects it, and tries to make her feel better when she's really upset. Scott and Rogue do share a close friend relationship, but nothing romantic.

Name: Jean Grey
Age: 17
Code Name: none
Powers: Telekinesis/Telepathy
Relationship: Rogue hates Jean. Jean is everything Rogue is not. Beautiful, perfect, friendly, and has managable powers. She even has Rogue's crush, Scott, as a boyfriend. Every time Jean is nice to her Rogue shoves her off and ignores her. Recently though, Rogue has shown some respect for Jean as a team member. She seems to understand that Jean is trying to help her as are all of the X-Men, and realized that even the most perfect people have flaws (including their mutant powers).

Name: Kurt Wagner
Age: 16
Code Name: Nightcrawler
Powers: Teleportation/limited invisibility in shadows
Relationship: Kurt is a good friend to Rogue. In the beginning of the series Rogue thought of Kurt as a "little brother". What a coincidence because Kurt is Rogue's foster brother. Kurt is Mystique's biological son, and Rogue is Mystique's adopted daughter. Kurt and Rogue share a brother/sister relationship and they both share a smiliar lifestyle of being withdrawn from society due to their mutant powers and appearance.

Name: Katherine (Kitty) Pryde
Age: 15
Code Name: Shadowcat
Powers: Corporal Intangibility(Phasing)
Relationship: Rogue doens't like Kitty much. Her bubbly, perky personality annoys her. Rooming with Kitty has proven difficult at times too, but they have learned to live with each other despite their differences. They are seen sometimes hanging out together at school.

Name: Ororo Munroe
Age: ?
Code Name: Storm
Powers: Weather Manipulation
Relationship: Rogue and Storm do not share much with each other. Storm feels sorry for Rogue and her powers. She tries to guide Rogue sometimes just like she does to all of the X-Men. Other than that they share no real close relationship. Their relationship is a more teacher to student, or team member to team member. Outside of being an X-Men Rogue and Storm seem to do their own things.

Name: Evan Daniels
Age: 15
Code Name: Spyke
Powers: Retracting Exoskeleton(can shoot spikes, or hard bone material from his body)
Relationship: Rogue gets annoyed with Spyke. She calls him porcupine all the time and threatens to make him "spike-less". Rogue is not impressed by Evan's skateboard dude attitude. With Evan's ways, she gets really ticked off when he doesn't show up for a Danger Room session. But just like the other X-Men she does respect him as a team member.

Name: Logan
Age: ?
Code Name: Wolverine
Powers: Rectractable claws, healing, heightened senses
Relationship: For a while Rogue did not share much with Logan. She knew he was a loner like her, but she kept her distance from him because he seemed so stern with the students. Plus Rogue kept her distance from everyone at first due to her powers. Recently though when Rogue's powers tried to take over, Logan was there to help Rogue the most, understanding the best the confusion and strain she was going through inside her own mind. Since then they have become close with each other.

Name: Raven Darkholme(alias?)
Age: ?
Code Name: Mystique
Powers: shape shifting (can morph into any living thing)
Relationship: Mystique is probably now Rogue's worst enemy. When Rogue's powers first mutated, she seeked comfort under Mystique and her Brotherhood, thinking they cared for her. She soon discoverd that Mystique was using her, and found shelter with the X-Men. In the episode Self Possesed, Rogue absorbed more of Mystique's memories and found out that Mystique was Rogue's adopted mother. Rogue hated her even more for that. Her own mother was using her, lying to her, and keeping secrets from her. Because of this Rogue struggled with accepting Mystique as family. Even though Mystique kept using Rogue she did show some genuine feelings for Rogue. She tried to get close to her (via Risty), but failed. After that Mystique used Rogue in helping a mutant named Mesmero seal the final key into Apocalypse's realease. Mystique was turned in to stone by Apocalypse probably not realizing that she was being used herself. With that being the last straw for Mystique, Rogue ended up pushing Mystique's stoned figure off a cliff and Mystique ended up in to a thousand stone pieces. Whether or not Rogue actually "killed" her is revealed in season 4. From then on Rogue (with the help of Kurt) turned her back on Mystique for good.

Name: Risty Wilde
Age: 15/16
Code Name: none
Powers: none
Relationship: Risty appeared to Rogue in the second season. She immediately befriended her, and she became the only real friend Rogue had for a long time. Risty seemed to be somewhat gothic like Rogue, but she also liked to be more open and social... something Rogue couldn't do very easily. Rogue bonded well with Risty and spent a lot of time with her, probably telling her things that she would not tell to the X-Men. However in Self Possesed, Rogue found out that Risty was not real, but was actually Mystique in disguise. Since then, Risty is no longer around and Rogue was left friendless and lonley once again.

Name: Remy LeBeau
Age: ?? (possibly ranges from 18-20's)
Code Name: Gambit
Relationship: When Rogue first meet Remy she didn't know what to think of him. He looked appealing, but dangerous at the same time. She has a few run ends with him on a few ocasions, and once Remy kidnapped Rogue to help ease the stress she has been having lately. Since then it seems that Rogue has taken a liking to the cajun. Even though she found out he was just using her to find his father she still likes that he did the wrong thing for the right reason. Now Rogue does not see him as the enemy, and Gambit has taken a fondness to Rogue. They never became anything more once the series ended.