Southern Shadow

Rogue's Touch List

Nightcralwer: In Rogue Recruit Rogue is startled by Kitty who sneak attacks her. She lands on Kurt and she knocks him out for most of the episode. She enjoyed having Kurt's powers thinking they were her own.

Storm: Rogue touches Storm in Rogue Recruit. Storm grabs her hand to help her up and that is when Rogue absorbs her powers. She cannot handle her powers and almost electricutes the unconsious Storm.

Cyclops: Rogue touched Cyclops three times. In Mutant Crush she absorbed Scott's powers to take care of Blob who had kidnapped Jean Grey. Once in Turn of the Rogue she had to defend herself and Scott from an envious Mystique. She touched Scott's forehead, and shot Mystique with the optic blasts. In X23, Rogue's sleeves are ripped off by X23, and she stumbles forward into Scott.

Mystique: In Turn of the Rogue Rogue touched Mystique and absorbed her memories to find out the truth about the X-Men, and what Mystique was up to. In Self Possesed Rogue accidently got her shirt ripped off, fell onto Risty (Mystique in disguise) and found out the truth about Rogue's past. (Mystique adopted her when she was 4)

Shadowcat: In Spykecam Rogue and Kitty were rehearsing for a play. To dance better, she lightly absorbed Kitty so that she could dance along with her.

Sabertooth: When Sabertooth attacks Rogue, Kitty, and Evan in Spykecam Rogue touches Sabertooth to knock him out and keep him from hurting anyone.

Avalanche: To keep Lance from destroying a construtcion site she knocks him down and absorbs his powers. She uses them to try and stop Mystique from escaping, but fails. This happened in the episode Shadowed Past. In Stuff of Villians she and Kitty spy on the Brotherhood and discover that they are trying to save Pietro from some military force, she absorbs Lance and uses her powers to try and stop the Brotherhood from escaping. Being under Mesmero's mind control made Rogue absorb Avalanche in Dark Horizon.

Quicksilver: In The Cauldron pt.2 Pietro is stopped by Evan's spykes. Rogue comes up behind him and absorbs his powers. She uses them to quickly get everyone out of an asteroid that is blowing up. Dark Horizon was the episode were Rogue was under Mesmero's control and absorbs Quicksilver's powers by using Wanda's powers to stop him in his tracks.

Blob: Rogue absorbs Blob in Growing Pains. During an attack by the Brotherhood in which they try to reveal mutants exists, she knocks him out to prevent him from destroying a soccer field. She also absorbs Blob in Dark Horizon when she is being brainwashed by Mesmero.

Jean: In Power Surge Rogue touched Jean in order to help her control her rapidly growing powers. In Mindbender, Rogue absorbed Jean's powers in order to try and stop her from giving the rings to Mesmero.

Magneto: during the episode On Angel's Wings Magneto tries to recruit Angel. Rogue absorb's Magneto's powers and uses them to chase after him. When she was being brainwashed by Mesmero in Dark Horizon she knocked Magneto out in his Acolytes headquarters.

Beast: In the two part season finale Day of Reckoning The X-Men are busy fighting Magneto's Acolytes. When Sabertooth knocks Beast out, Rogue comes up, takes his powers, and uses them against Sabertooth.

Juggernaut: When Juggernaut is set loose to destroy, the X-Men try to fight him off. Once they removed his helmet, Rogue touched his face and used his powers against him in order to defeat him. Also by abosrbing his memories she was able to find the professor who recently went missing.

Multiple: During Self Possesed Rogue is having trouble trying to control her powers. At a concert Rogue's sleeve is ripped off, and her arm is left vulnerable. She keeps bumping into people, and at one point bumps into Jaime.

Berzerker: In the episode X23, Rogue's sleeves are ripped off by X23 during a fight. She stumbles and absorbs Ray for the first time.

Scarlet Witch: In Dark Horizon When Rogue was under Mesmero's control she went to the Brotherhood's house and flew(and phased) in to absorb Wanda's powers.

Toad: The episode HeX Factor Rogue absorbs Toad's powers at the mall in order to help get Scott's visor back from him. Dark Horizon Rogue abosrbs Toad powers by orders of Mesmero.

Gambit: In Dark Horizon, part 1 when Rogue is possesed by Mesmero, she goes into the Acolytes Headquarters and kisses Gambit (yes on the lips!) to absorb his powers. When Rogue and Gambit visit Louisiana and help rescue Gambit's father, Gambit accidently touches Rogue's face and she discovers that he was just using her to find his kidnapped father. (Cajun Spice)

Arcade: In Fun N' Games when Arcade discovers the Danger Room, he puts the X-Men's lives in danger. When they finally reach the control room where Arcade is, Rogue knocks him out in order to prevent him from destroying the mansion, and to keep their mutant lives underwraps.

Cody Rogers: Cody Rogers was the first boy Rogue ever touched and absorbed. Her powers first activated on him. In Rogue Recruit during a dance Rogue acidently fell, and when Cody tried to help her up Rogue's powers kicked in.

man in car: Although he is not very important, in Walk in the Wild Side Rogue, Jean, Kitty, Amara, and Tabitha formed a vigilante group called the Bayville Sirens. On one of their nightly routines fighting crime, Rogue opens a car door, and knocks a man unconious.

man at warehouse: In Walk on the Wild Side when the Baville Sirens are fighting in a warehouse of stolen car parts, a man comes up behind Rogue and attacks her. Unaware of her special "gift" Rogue's stomache is left bare with no clothes. The mans arms touches her skin and he is knocked out.

The Rippers: The episode Cajun Spice is where Rogue and Gambit visit Lousiana. When they are attacked by the Rippers( enemies of Gambit and the Thieve's Guild) Rogue absorbs some of themembers and finds out about a strong hold where they are holding hostage Gambit's father. She uses their memories to help avoid boobie traps and find her way out of their mansion.