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Fan Fiction


Silveracid Leaks into a New Life When Alexya discovers that she is a mutant no one will accept her anymore, and must find a way to deal with her new powers. Will the X-Men be able to help her?
Silveracid Leaks into a New Life 2 Just when Alexya was getting settled in to her new life, a certain rock tumbler catches her eyes.
Enemies and Heroes Don't Mix The continuing struggle between Lance and Alexya makes Alexya question her affiliation with the X-Men.
Summer Time Blues School is out and Kitty enters a modeling contest. When she finds out Jean entered too, she begins to get her hopes up.
Summer Time Blues pt.2 The day of the competetion. Rogue and Alexya both want Jean and Kitty to win, but only one will walk away the victor.
Young Adults by Look, Children at Heart X-Men Evolution may be about teenaged mutants, but evem teenagers have their inner childhood still lingering inside them.
Eyes For some reason Rogue cannot sleep at night and it leaves her tired in the mornings, but what could it be?
Eyes pt.2 Is the reason why Rogue can't sleep at night the Brotherhood's fault?
Eyes pt.3 Rogue tries to fight the man who is causing Rogue' pain in her eyes, unaware who it really is.
Love Finds A Way Struggling romance between Lance makes Alexya question her allegience.
Love Finds A Way pt.2 The conclusion. Alexya finally decides were she belongs.
Time Out for Tim A new mutant by the name of Tim comes to Bayville, but what are his powers? And why is he hanging with the Brotherhood?
Time out for Tim pt.2 Is it true that two mutants can posses the same x-gene? In Tim's case they can. Tim seems to share the same ability as a certain X-Man member.


You Can't Tame a Wild Wave Ruby Stone a.k.a. Tidewave joins the Brotherhood, much to Lance's dismay.
The Red Tide Virus Ruby tries to send a virus to the Cerebro, The X-Men's main computer. More Lance and Ruby quarrels.


A Simple Gesture Crossover: Gaia Moore befriends a lonely mutant. (Gaia Moore © Francis Pascal)
No Fear Crossover: Sabertooth decides to persue Gaia Moore (Gaia Moore © Francis Pascal).
Something Beautiful A short love story between Wisom (Pete) and Pryde (Kitty)
Return to Chaos Crossover: Apocalypse lures the X-Men (and some other guest stars) to the Savage Lands.
Pre-Apocalyptic Stress The sequel to Return to Chaos
Battlegrounds A dispute between the X-Men and the Morlocks. Is it a mistake or for real?
Darkness Falls Four people are under Apocalypse` control but there is another villian sneaking around.
Prelude to a New Evil Just a short fic giving more detail on the mysterious second villian of Darkness Falls. To some his identity is obvious but this may shine some light on the situation.
Frostbite This story features Emma Frost a.k.a. the White Queen in the Evo universe. Rated PG to Pg-13.
Sunshine A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/X-Men crossover story. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer © Joss Whedon)
Secrets Every bodies got them, just these people have wierder ones. One person is a symbiote, another is the product of cross-species breeding, while the other is a hermaphrodite.
The Portrait A short Rogue fic.


A Legend is Born Jean Grey meets up with an old friend, but when she uses her powers to defend people's lives, it might cost her friends life.
Untitled There are Beast, and Lightwave cameos. And the Black Cat plays a major supporting roll. There is also a surprise cameo at the end.


System Shock A young man tries to escape his past and ends up at the Xavier Institute, but is he welcomed there?
System Shock pt.2 Shockwave tries to adjust to his first day in Bayville.
System Shock pt.3 A piece of Shockwave's past comes to Bayville, and makes Shockwave decide if he can stay there.
Dance With Me Set after System Shock, the school dance is coming. Will Shockwave be going?
Dance With Me Pt.2 Part two of Dance With Me. Shockwave and the rest of the X-Men go to the school dance, but not everything goes as planned.


Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright pt. 1 A new student is enrolled at the Xavier Institute, but she's not too happy to be there.
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright pt. 2 Tyger attempts to adjust to the Institute and shows them her power.
Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright pt. 3 Will Tyger remain at the Institute and be able to live with Jean in the same house?

Aster Anucarr

Night's Howl, pt.1 Tobias Maxwell is being bullied because of his mutant powers and the X-Men come to help.
Night's Howl, pt.2Now that the X-Men found Tobias, they must now save themselves from an angry mob after Rogue uses her powers.
Land of the BlindAfter Scott's glasses break from an accident, who will be there to help him see again?
Requiem for a Rogue
First Time
Stress Relief
Minefields pt.2
Minefields pt.3
Minefields pt.4

Odeena (Sky 22)

Of Stories, Finals and the Book of Dreams At times, getting away from reality can really make you write a great story.
The Whacked- Out Date A Rogue/Remy fan fic. When Rogue and Remy try to go out, to eat, the Brotherhood decide to play a joke.
Midnight Havoc Shaving cream, teleporting ducks, and food fights? Only Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman could be the cause of this.
A Test for True Love When Kitty wants to test Lance's love for here, the results come out different from what was expected.
Jean Grey's Bad Hair Day Even the most perfect red head has a bad day.
Slice of Life Elsie, a new mutant, gets a slice of life in the world of mutants.
Slice of Life (second part) Elsie's new life involves constant bickering with Ray, training sessions, and a silver speed demon.


Prom Date Rogue wants to ask someone to the Prom, but will he accept?


Lifefire pt. 1 A new mutant joins the X-Men, but when she goes off to surf, she finds a surprise in the back of a jeep.


Strange Triangles Logan didn't think it was much of a big deal when he took a liking to a woman named Shaina. But when Shaina is found to be a mutant and comes to the Xavier Institute, things get ugly. Who is Shaina exactly, and why does she like Rouge so much?


Price for Power The setting is in season 2 after Power Surge.The story is about Alexa ,a 16 year old mutant and about the price she has to pay because she's a mutant.


My Life: As a Dream What happens when you can't feel? When you go completely numb and you don't know if your alive? When you end up fighting and hurting yourself to know your still alive and not dead and buried. And what if you can't even touch others to feel them and know they're alive?
My Life: As a Dream part 2- Nightmares Unfortunately, not all dreams are welcomed.


The Letter Rogue writes a letter to Kurt after the events of Impact
Standing Still Cute Romy songfic. To Jewle's "Standing Still".


Anywhere But Here A songfic about Kitty and Lance
Modern Technology Kitty and Rogue try to figure out how to work the DVD player
Princes and Frogs A songfic about Toad and Wanda
Nothing I've Ever Known A songfic about Rogue and Remy
Shattered Past, Hopeful Future Hereís a short poem in X23ís POV
Sadie Hawkins Dance A songfic pairing Amara and Pyro
So Much For Happy Endings A songfic with Scott/Rogue. Written like a music video
This One Lonely Heart Songfic #3 of Rogue/Remy
Forgiveness: Oneshot. Mystique thinks about Egypt, and so does Kurt. Songfic.
Trials of Life: A look into the past with a pint sized brotherhood member and some friends. nine chapters long and finished.
Mutants in Magix: a crossover with the winx club. In progress.