Southern Shadow

Rogue's Wardrobe

First Season Civies
Description: Rogue's first season civilian clothes are what she wears the most. It consists of a black halter top covered by a transparent green blouse, a black leather skirt, and black leggins. She wears thick combat boots, and dog collars around her neck and wrists. Black gloves cover her hands and easily come off when Rogue needs them too. This outfit is worn most of the time by Rogue.
Seen in:: Most of seasons 1, 2, 3

Second Season Civies
Description: Rogue shows more skin in this outfit. She wears a dark purple halter top, long purple gloves that come up almost to her shoulders, and a knee length skirt covered with a white chain that hangs around her waist. Knee high boots are worn, and a light purple skarf protects her neck, and chest areas.
Seen in: Power Surge, On Angel's Wings

Third Season Civies
Description: This outfit is less dressy, and a little less gothic. She wears a purple shirt tied at the front and it falls on to her shoulder, showing some skin. Underneath that you see her black halter top(or possibly her bra ~_^). Either black or really dark blue jeans are worn instead of a skirt. They have tears around her knees. Sneakers are worn instead of boots. Again, gloves protect her hands fomr her power.
Seen in: Mainstream, Stuff of Villians, Self Possesed, Impact, Cajun Spice, Ghost of a Chance

X-Men Uniform
Description: Rogue wears a dark navy blue jump suit all around her body. Gold platlets with the "X" logo are on both of her shoulders, while a green platlet goes around her bust area. A utility belt also marking the "X" logo goes around her waist, while small platlets protect her knees. Knee high boots are worn for shoes, and thick yellow gloves worn on both hands.
Seen in: Throught the series

Bayville Sirens Uniform
Description: The traditional dog collars Rogue wears in the first season are back. She wears them around her neck, and wrists. A thick brown jacket that stops at her elbows and mid drift covers a black tup top. She wears black leather pants, and brown knee high boots. Gloves again are worn, and come up just a little father than her wrists.
Seen in: Walk on the Wild Side

The images below were taken from the Rogue kiss doll obtained from the now closed website, Jump Up and Kiss Me

Description: She wears a typical shirt which has a orange design in the middle and greensleeves on both arms. Her pants have a green tie around her waist, and green borders near her ankles. The rest is a plain orange.
Seen in: Shadowed Past, Fun and Games

Workout Clothes
Description: Rogue actually shows skin! She wears a green halter top, and green sweat pants with her boots. She does wear gloves on her hands to protect her somewhat, but other than that she is really exposing her skin in this outfit.
Seen in: Turn of the Rogue

Workout Clothes 2
Description: She wears a black t-shirt under a thick green sweatshirt with pockets near her stomach. Gloves protect her hands, but her arms are kind of exposed as the sweatshirt stops at her elbows. Black sweatpants are worn with her combat boots.
Seen in: Survival of the Fittest, Dark Horizon parts 1 & 2

Dracula the Play Costume
Description: This is the coolest outfit yet! Rogue wears a blood red dress that comes down a little above her knees. The sleeves are torn at the shoulders but come back around her arms and hands to protect them. Leggins are worn and covered by knee high boots that are black and have buckles near the ankles and knees. A black scarf is worn around her neck, and her hair is pulled into a bun leaving her white streaks hanging in her face.
Seen in: Spykecam

Cauldron Civies
Description: Rogue wears a purple sweatshirt over a black t-shirt. Black sweatpants are worn and stop a little above her ankles, while she wears sandles on her feet. Gloves cover hands, and sunglasses cover her eyes.
See in: The Cauldron part 1 & 2

Winter Civies
Description: Amazing that Rogue would wear a pink sweater, but it doesn't look to bad on her. A purple jacket covers that sweater. Gloves that are probably more like mittens worn on the hands, and boots worn on the feet. Regular black jeans are worn on the legs.
Seen in: On Angels Wings, Dark Horizon part 2

Shadowdance Outfit
Description: She wears a grey halter top under a thin orange see through blouse. Metal bracelets worn on each hand along with gloves. A sort of redish color pants, and black boots. Choker around her neck, and a belt around her pants.
See in: Shadowdance